The purity with which young children come onto the stage is so heart-warming that parents who witnessed their tiny tots perform on the stage for the first time were so excited that they couldn’t stop their hooting or whistling in merriment during the gala event showcased by the junior wing of Auckland House School, Shimla. Social Activist and Theatre Artist Taruna Misra graced the occasion as the chief guest along with Reverend Sohan Lal who were warmly greeted by Director Principal Sunita John, Principal Auckland House School for Boys, Michael A John and the staff.

The morning began with a soulful hymn followed by a beautiful musical play titled, ‘The Button Tree’. The amalgamation of scintillating dance and song performances was a delight to watch as from our very own local Natti performance to Marathi, Gujarati and Nepalese dances, the little ones were amazing. The singers were equally sweet with an off note here and there, though given their age and experience, it was the best moment of their lives. Something they will cherish for a lifetime revisiting their sweet memories with friends and families.

They day ended with the performance report being read by the Director Principal followed by a gracious note shared by Ms Misra. The Junior Wing Staff pulled off an amazing feat with their hard work and dedication to make each and every child participate and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities. (CLICK TO SEE ALL VIDEOS)


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