Participation Form – 2023 (PDF)
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Language & Culture Department, HP in Partnership with Keekli Charitable Trust is proud to present “मीमांसा—Children’s Literature Festival 2023″. The Three-Day Mega Literature Festival that will not only cater to Children’s Literature alone but at the same time will focus on various Inter-School Competitions too; including Short Story Writing, Vocabulary Skills and Slogan Writing / Poster Making / Book Marks Making. Students under the age groups of 25 years from school, college and university can participate in the various activities. 

To maintain an unbiased approach a team of core members including Dr Usha Bande, Professor & Principal Meenakshi Faith Paul and Dr Jaiwanti Dimri along with Keekli’s team members headed by Vandana Bhagra has been formed.


The idea is to give an open forum to children, to hear them speak, engage in interactive sessions as well as promote reading among them. मीमांसा, is an attempt to give voice to children’s writings, be it in form of books, short story writing or poetry, all penned by them. This will be a three-day literary feast for the people of Himachal and general populace at large.

  • The morning session will be from 9.30 am to 11.00 am for Inter-School Competitions.
  • Two Sessions from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm and 1.30 to 4.00 pm, will feature Open Mic Readings which will include poetry, flash fiction, micro stories or short stories, and book reviews and discussion.

Children and youth (only students) under the age of 25 will also participate as readers and reviewers of selected books penned by Himachal’s writers and present them in their own light of understanding. Over the course of three days, nine books will be reviewed – 7 from Himachal’s writers and 2 by writers from outside the State. The process of selection of books and the criteria will be shared soon.

An open and official invite will be sent to the writers to submit their books that will be reviewed. Based on the selection made by the Core Team, the books will be purchased by the Trust and given to children who are interested in reading and wish to be part of the event. The Review Panel will consist of Six Member for each Book Discussion/ Discourse, four young readers, a moderator and the writer will take the centre stage. The Open Mic Poetry & Story reading sessions will give a chance to more than 100 students to share their creation over a period of 3 days.

The event will have more than 25 eminent writers, professors and college lecturers who will judge or moderate one or the other event during the course of the three days. For the entire duration of this literature festival and competitions no member will be repeated on any day.

The entire curative responsibility of the event will be of the Keekli Charitable Trust. We hope to get a participation of more than 350 plus students in this Literature Festival. The participation form is being shared for wide circulation and to encourage school managements to make the most of this opportunity, by sending their students in large numbers. Such events further inspire children to adopt writing as a skill and inculcate a habit of reading.

For further details and participation forms contact Keekli Charitable Trust – [email protected]; 98161 48001 / 98170 95985 / 80910 21796


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