Love Stories Staged at Gaiety


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Stories.Gaiety.13.8.16  (4)Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 13th August, 2016, Shimla

Magic of two great writers, that is Anton Chekhov and O’ Henry came to life on the stage as three different short stories, namely, The Lady’s Story, Love and The Last Leaf by Muskan – a Trust For Children Education was staged at Gaiety Theater here today. The first story, Navya (The Lady’s Story) depicted the story of young girl who wasted her youth in pursuit of becoming rich and famous. She later in her life realizes what she lost as she stood alone only surrounded by her name and fame.

Stories.Gaiety.13.8.16  (1)Second story Love showed feelings of a young man who falls in love with a girl. The play staged his journey of confessing his love to her, and gets married to her. In the end both are happy with each other inspite of having little difference of opinions but still it’s the love that conquers all.

Last but not the least The Last Leaf showed a story of a sick girl who believed that with the falling of last leaf of the tree her life will come to an end. However, an old artist paints a leaf to give hope to the young girls and unfortunately dies due to pneumonia.

These plays were first presentations in the Gaiety by the students who were very excited about it. Choice of stories was appreciated by all. Expressing their feelings they wish to come back again and bring many more fruitful productions for theater lovers to cherish.


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