BOOK – The Lost Continent: Travels In Small Town America

Author: Bill Bryson

Review: This stunning travelogue by a Yankee in his mid thirties, our most loved travel writer, Bill Bryson is a pure jewel in this genre. Bryson takes us on a journey which is both rewarding and enthralling. Bryson’s spot on sense of humour and an amazing wit makes him a maverick in his writing.  In this book, the author takes us on a journey across America, the country with a lot to offer. In this amazing adventure, Bryson sets our heart to question about the magic of going places. It delights us in ways, unimaginable.

The tone of the book is gripping and the journey so enriching. Being a traveller in one’s own home, exploring the country like never before, Bryson’s great prowess makes a perfect ingredient for profound storytelling. The adventures he had on this great solo trip, his amazement to find America, his home absolutely different than he expected to. This story is both didactic as well as delightful. Filled with some amazing humour, a dash of adventure and whole lot of satisfaction.

This page turner is bound to get your wanderlust pumping. Too much packed with information, every page entertains too. Reading it is just like being Bryson’s shenanigan on his magical trip. The title “The Lost Continent: Travels In Small Town America” is something intriguing. Bryson’s point of view about his country being to colossal with a sense of longing for a deeper meaning is remarkably portrayed. This book makes for a great reading. Definitely bound to make you look travel in an entirely different way. Moreover such vivid writing is certain to introduce you to a different domain of travel writing. Bryson is definitely remarkable with this art, keeping his readers engaged and absolutely looking for more. 

Rightly said that Bill Bryson is absolutely not a typical Travel writer. He’s a great wordsmith with a stunning craft of astute narration. Trying my lever best to write this review without any spoilers. To feel the captivating prowess of Bill Bryson you got to pick the book yourself. Happy reading all.


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