Promilla Marwah, New Delhi

A sudden drop of rain just came and settled on my window,
Then one, then two, then three,
And lo! With a thunderous clap the monsoon waters lashed at the misty glasses.
I threw open my windows to let the urging showers in, that sprinkled me so very gently.
A crown of sparkling diamonds settled on my head daintily,
And then an impatient gust of moist breeze tugged at my loose locks and flapped at the white lacy curtains.
A dewy trickle meandered down my cheeks.
An earthy fragrance wafted into my room and suffused the moist air.
On the wet streets below small and big puddles puckered to kiss the heavenly elixir.
Stray leaves and petals sailed at abandon on the gushing frothy rivulets to know not where.
Colourful flowers nodded their heads in rhythm to the tapping notes of the rhythmic rain.
Having found a cozy shelter, under the eaves of, my roof, two wet sparrows, sat smugly nodding their tiny heads.
Veils of mists rolled and glided across the green and blue mountains,
Cherishing, caressing and embracing them with the innocent passion of a young bride.
The far away rumble in the darkening clouds, carried the promise of a night long down pour.
I snuggled into my inviting soft bed.
The incessant drumming of the monsoon  showers on the rooftop of my cozy attic room, lulled me into  a pleasant dreamy slumber.

(The author is a nature lover and loves to write children stories)

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