Prabhat Aggarwal Lift the R.S. Sawheny Memorial Trophy Scientific Boxer — 2015


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Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 7th August, 2015, Shimla

Inter-House Boxing Championship held a Bishop Cotton School — Junior School Proficiency Cup won by Lefroy House; while Junior School Challenge Cup; Main School Proficiency Cup and the Main School Challenge Cup were all bagged by Curzon House.

bcs.7.8.15insideBoxing is a combat sport which originated in Ancient Greece and has been a popular sport ever since all around the world. A few schools in India have included this fist fighting tactical game in their curriculum in last few years, including one of the oldest schools of the nation, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. The 156th Inter House Boxing Championship finals were held here today in the school premises to give its students an opportunity to participate in one of the most physically exigent sports. Superintendent of Police Shimla, Cyber Crime, Anjum Ara was the chief guest for the event.

bcs.7.8.15insideaThe students performed surprisingly well in some close gripping and heavy bouts. The participants were divided in different categories so that a boxer did not feel psychologically or physically superior or inferior to his opponent. Before reaching the final knockout round the students went through grilling preliminary rounds including pre-quarters, quarter-finals and the semi-finals.

At the end of the event the chief guest gave away prizes to the proud winners. The winners of the competition were as follows:

Headmaster’s special prizes: Rana Madhvinder Singh (Ibbetson House).

Mosquito – III Category — Karan Pal Kalia (Lefroy House).

Gnat Category — Sumit Sikri (Curzon House).

Fly – I Category, Mudit Jindal (Curzon House).

Bantam – II Category — Ishan Gulia (Curzon House).

Light – III Category — Benjamin V. L. (Lefroy House).

Light Welter – II Category — Yajur Sridhar (Ibbetson House).

Middle – III Category, Most Promising Boxer Junior School — Angad Singh (Curzon House).

Best Loser Junior School — Ketan Vohra (Rivaz House).

Best Boxer Junior school — Hanvender P. Singh (Rivaz House).

Most Promising Boxer Middle School — Yuvraj Singh Sandhu (Lefroy House).

Best Loser Middle School — Aayushman Singh Thakur (Lefroy House).

Best Boxer Middle School — Deepank Verma (Rivaz House).

Most Promising Boxer Main School — Hrithik Kumar (Rivaz House).

Best Loser Main School — Kapish Maurya (Ibbetson House).

The R.S. Sawheny Memorial Trophy for the scientific boxer 2015 was given to Prabhat Aggarwal of Curzon House, while the Junior School Proficiency Cup was won by Lefroy House; Junior School Challenge Cup; Main School Proficiency Cup and the Main School Challenge Cup were all lifted by Curzon House.

The overall standings were 1st Curzon House; 2nd Lefroy House; 3rd Ibbetson House and 4th Rivaz House.

The event officially concluded with a vote of thanks by the Headmaster Christopher Robinson and words of praise by the chief guest Anjum Ara, who said “I would like to congratulate all the young boys on their amazing performance. I would also like to thank the headmaster for giving me an opportunity to be here today and witness some incredible and strategic bouts today”.

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