The Department of Language and Culture organizes various programs to promote and preserve the art, literature, and culture of the state. In this series, with the support of the “Expression Society,” the department is hosting the “Centenary Art Festival” from October 18 to 22 at Shimla’s Gaiety Theatre to pay a heartfelt tribute to the art connoisseur, H.C. Rai.

Showcasing Over 300 Artistic Creations At The H.C. Rai Centenary Art Festival
Showcasing Over 300 Artistic Creations At The H.C. Rai Centenary Art Festival

The purpose of this event, spearheaded by Mr. H.C. Rai’s daughter, Amala Rai , through the “Expression Society,” is to remember Mr. H.C. Ray as a guiding light for Himachal’s artistic legacy. Dr. Pankaj Lalit, the Director of the department, highlighted Mr. Ray’s significant contributions to Himachal’s artistic landscape. His contributions led to him being honored with the prestigious “Sardar Sobha Singh Kala Samman” by the Himachal Pradesh government.

Furthermore, he served as the founding principal of the Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shimla, and the Himachal Pradesh College of Arts. During the H.C. Rai Utsav, art workshops will be organized where aspiring artists can learn from experienced experts and appreciate the nuances of art. A special art workshop and competition will be organized for children to foster creativity and participation. The “Visual-Auditory Exhibition” will offer a presentation that delves deep into Mr. Ray’s artistic prowess, allowing viewers to gain profound insights.

The “Dialogue Session” will provide artists, educators, and cultural connoisseurs with an opportunity for interaction. The festival will conclude with a magnificent theatrical performance. The most notable and outstanding feature of the “H.C. Rai Centenary Art Festival” will be the grand exhibition of over 300 remarkable art pieces.

These artworks will be displayed at the Gaiety Theatre and the Lalit Kala Academy Art Gallery, showcasing the untiring dedication of an artistic genius who has left an indelible mark on his students, art luminaries, and undoubtedly on Himachal’s artists. For more information and registration, you can contact Amala Rai at 98211-04160 . The Expression Society is a leading cultural and artistic organization dedicated to the promotion of art and culture in Himachal.

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