Photo Credits: Pauleeta Bhowmick

Renée Pereira, Grade 9, Vibgyor High School, Mumbai

Water crystals slided down into the freshly moist soil,
And the silent tinkling of the dew,
Continued down the slanting envy green leaves,
That were soon to perish when the shadows arrived.

The huge mother trees swayed from side to side,
Wind rustling through them one last time,
While they beamed at the blooming sun,
One last time before the shadows would come.

The bushy shrubs with spiky demeanors,
Wished they could prick the shadows harder than ever,
All that could be done, would do no good,
For when the shadows came, none gave no hood.

Carnations cried, roses raged,
Neither of them could survive the day,
Their elders sighed, made no effort to try,
The time had neared for the shadows to arrive.

The shadows, who are these villains,
Wondered the seedlings who had risen in haste,
Not wanting to miss seeing,
The apathetic shadows’ face.

Rumbling began to stir in the transpired air,
Waking every last life that had home in the soil,
Huge structures road into the hidden woodland,
With the shadows hurrying them, uprooting every last plant.

Shadows angered their surrounding place,
Their gigantic destroyers fuming out putrid gas,
The wind screeched in trepidation,
As his life began to cease from woods’ existence.

The shadows were evil who thought they did good,
They killed every living plant in beautiful forest hood,
With conflicted hearts who struggled to push the malice out,
And in failure joined the shadows who were previously tranced.


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