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This Day in History


English author Jackie Collins, whose glamorous public persona echoed the lavish lifestyles of the characters in her provocative romance thrillers, died in Los Angeles.


Panamanian baseball pitcher Mariano Rivera registered his record-setting 602nd career save; when he retired in 2013, Rivera had an unprecedented 652 saves and was considered the sport’s greatest relief pitcher.


The Unabomber’s manifesto—a 35,000-word antitechnology document written by Ted Kaczynski, who had launched a bombing campaign that killed 3 and wounded 23—was published in The New York Times and The Washington Post; the manifesto helped lead to his capture.


The medical drama ER debuted on NBC and became one of the highest-rated programs on television; it launched the careers of several actors, most notably George Clooney and Juliana Margulies.


In the Ötztal Alps on the Italian-Austrian border, German tourists discovered a mummified human body (later known as the Iceman) that was subsequently determined to date from 3300 bce.


The first episode of the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show aired on American television; the groundbreaking series starred Mary Tyler Moore as a single independent working woman at a time when female characters were defined as the wife, girlfriend, or widow of a male counterpart.


President Juan Perón of Argentina was overthrown and fled to Paraguay after an army-navy revolt led by democratically inspired officers.


The Battle of Chickamauga Creek, an important engagement of the American Civil War that was fought over control of the railroad centre at nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee, began.


The Montgolfier brothers sent aloft a balloon with a rooster, a duck, and a sheep aboard, rapidly advancing French aeronautics.


John II Casimir Vasa, king of Poland, signed the Treaty of Wehlau, renouncing the suzerainty of the Polish crown over ducal Prussia and making Frederick William the duchy’s sovereign ruler.


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