Vasundhara Thiara — The Quintessential Golf Champion


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30june-(4)Sonia Dogra, Keekli Reporter, September, 2016, Chandigarh 

If I were to draw a parallel between King Midas and Vasundhara Thiara, the girl whose golf kit has literally grown with her, I would simply say that this teenager possesses the prized golden touch. With more than a hundred championships under her belt, the girl from Chandigarh is blazing at just thirteen years of age. With her recent win in both the Individual and Team categories at Albatross, All India Inter School Golf Championship, Vasundhara is the current rage in her circle.

Well grounded and focussed, she refuses to be intoxicated by her glories and certainly cannot be deterred by obstacles.

Recalling her foray into golf she says, “I was three when I wanted to play cricket with my brother and his friends. Since the cricket bat was a bit heavy for me, I was handed over a tennis racquet. As I played, my parents who were watching me, particularly took note of my hand and eye coordination. And that’s how the journey started. I was enrolled under a coach and since then there has been no looking back”.

30june-(5)A student of Class VIII at Vivek High School, Chandigarh, Vasundhara enjoys Volley Ball and Theatre as well. She also likes to swim, listen to music and is an avid reader. She was awarded with her school’s Sports Blazer when she was in Class V, making her the youngest recipient of the same. She has also been awarded with a full scholarship by the school. Vasundhara is all praises for her teachers who are very cooperative when it comes to her school work.

“They help me complete my work with extra classes every time I’ve been away for a tournament”.

Ever since her first tournament at the age of four, Vasundhara has today come a long long way having secured a second position in the Chandigarh, Northern India and Army Ladies and Junior Golf Tournaments this year. She is under the able-guidance of Coach Jesse Grewal, a Category A trainer who is also TPI certified and is the Director of National Golf Association of India. Vasundhara trains for two hours everyday and on weekends her sessions stretch upto four hours. Her physical fitness trainer is Sagar Diwan, again TPI certified.

“I really focus on physical fitness as I consider it extremely important for my sport”, adds Vasundhara when asked about her strength vis a vis other players her age.

DSC_0060The recent years have been very fruitful for Vasundhara.With a win in the 5th Kohinoor All India Albatross Inter School Junior Golf Championship and a third rank in the Mercedes Benz JGC, Asian Masters Final in 2015; a first position in the WGA Northern India Pre Qualifier in 2014; and the winning trophy in both TATA Steel Delhi and Rajasthan Sub Junior & Feeder Tour in 2013, she can boast of a rather envious record.

So, what is the mantra???

“Passion for something and hard work”, comes the apt response and you are left wondering if a teenager is supposed to have such lucid ideas!!!

And even as I continue my downpour about her achievements, Vasundhara is quick to introduce me to her pillars of strength. Father, Ajay Thiara — a businessman and mother, Tanisha who works for the British Council. Her parents have been very supportive of her and would take turns to take her for her practice sessions ever since she was three. No wonder she is the daughter they dote on today. The family has also another champion. Vasundhara’s elder brother Zoravar happens to be an International Horse Rider having won many championships. As for her friends… “They are more excited than me every time I come back after winning a tournament!”

DSC_9575Presently, Vasundhara is aiming at a selection in the Indian Squad and thereafter she starts her preparations for the Youth Asian Games, Youth Olympics, Asian Games and the Olympics.

I am forced to put forward one last question. Hasn’t it been tough? Has she ever felt weighed down by expectations? Does she find enough time to recoup and enjoy with children her age?

Vasundhara laughs it off like a seasoned player so sure of herself.

“There’s just no pressure. We all have our good and bad days. I take things as they come… figure out what went wrong in an event and work at it. And yes, I do find time in plenty to be with my friends.”

The signing note tells me here’s a girl we must watch out for. Dexterous, poised and balanced she surely has her head above her shoulders and with a wonderful support system at home and a record par excellence, Vasundhara is definitely going places.

vasundharaAchievements in Golf — Timeline

  • Asian Ranking No. 3 (2015)
  • Ranked No. 1 in India in the IGU order of merit for Girls Category-D- (2014)
  • World Ranking No. 17 as per US Kids World Championship (2013)
  • European Ranking No. 3 as per US Kids European Championship (2013)
  • Albatross, All India Inter-school Golf Championship-2016

1st Position- Individual Category-B for Girls

1st Position-Team Category-A & B

25th  – 26th August, 2016

ITC Golf Course, Gurgaon

  • IGU Southern India Ladies & Junior Girls Golf Championship

3rd Position

27th  – 30th June, 2016

Coimbatore Golf Club

  • IGU Army Ladies & Junior Girls Golf Championship

2nd Position

16th  – 19th  May, 2016

AEPTA, Delhi

  • IGU Northern India Ladies & Junior Girls Golf Championship

2nd Position

9th  – 12th  May, 2016

The Palms Golf Club, Lucknow

  • IGU Chandigarh Ladies & Junior Girls Golf Tournament

2nd Position

2nd – 5th  May, 2016

Chandigarh Golf Club

  • Delhi Golf Club Inter Club Junior Golf Tournament

1st Position- A & B Team Category

1st Position –Overall Category for Girls

17th-18th November, 2015

Delhi Golf Club

  • 5th Kohinoor All India Albatross Interschool Junior Golf Championship.

1st Position- A & B Team Category

1st Runners-up – B Category for Girls

27th-28th  August 2015

ITC Classic Golf Course, Gurgaon

  • Mercedes-Benz Junior Golf Championship, Asian Masters Final

3rd Position– Girls 12 and under

10th – 12th June 2015

Burapha Golf Course, Chonburi, Thailand

  • 2nd Position- IGU USHA Southern India Ladies Amateur

22nd  -25th June 2015

Eagleton Golf Club, Bangalore.

  • 1st Position- IGU Army Ladies & Junior Girls Golf Championship

4th -7th May 2015

AEPTA Golf Course, New Delhi

  • 2nd Position- IGU Chandigarh Ladies & Juniors Girls Golf Championship

28th April 2015 to 1st May

Chandigarh Golf Club, Chandigarh

  • 1st Position- Captains Day Tournament

0-8 Handicap

5th  April-2015

Chandigarh Golf Club, Chandigarh

  • 1st Position- IGU Eastern India Ladies and Junior Girls Golf Championship

17th -20th November , 2014

Tollygunge, Kolkata

  • 3rd Position -Ahmedabad Juniors

14th  – 16th Oct 2014

Kalhaar Blues & Greens, Ahmedabad

  • 1st Position-WGA Northern India Pre-Qualifier

24th  – 25th  June 2014

Panchkula Golf Course, Panchkula

  • 3rd Position-Nr Group JWGC Karnataka Juniors

08th  – 10th  June 2014

JWGC, Mysore

  • 3rd Position- Southern India JUNIOR GIRLS

3rd – 5th June 2014


  • 1st Position- USHA Northern India Ladies Amateur. 2014

5th -08th  May, 2014

Delhi Golf Club

  • 1st Position- IGU Army Ladies Amateur. 2014

29th -02nd May, 2014

AEPTA, Delhi

  • 1st Position- 3rd CGA Junior Tournament. 2013-14

10th-11th  Feb, 2014

Chandigarh Golf Club

  • Winner of Silver Division & 1st Position- Sub Juniors

20th Punjab Open Ladies Amateur

3rd-6th February, 2014

Chandigarh Golf Club

  • 1st Position- TATA Steel IGU All India Sub-Junior and Feeder Tour-2013

Nov  18th -22nd , 2013

West Zone Final

BPCG, Mumbai

  • 1st Position- TATA Steel IGU All India Sub-Junior and Feeder Tour-2013

Oct 23rd -24th ,  2013

East Zone Final

Tollygunge, Kolkata

  • 1st Position- TATA STEEL Haryana Sub Jnr & Feeder Tour

Oct 02 – 04, 2013

RCF Kapurthala

  • 1st Position- 2nd CGA Junior Tournament. 2013-14 , Girls Category-D

28th – 29th Sept, 2013

Forest Hill Golf Resort


  • 1st Position- 1st CGA Junior Tournament. 2013

20th-21st June, 2013

Panchkula Golf Club

  • 1st Position -TATA STEEL Rajasthan Sub Jnr & Feeder Tour

June 11-13, 2013

Rambagh Golf Club

  • 1st Position – TATA STEEL Delhi Sub Jnr & Feeder Tour2013

June 4 – 6, 2013

Army Golf Course, Delhi

  • 1st Position-Tata Steel IGU North Zone Haryana Sub-Junior & Feeder Tour-2013

11th-12th April 2013

Kharga, EPTA, Ambala

  • 1st Position- 3rdS Kids World Championship Qualifier

10th  April 2013,

Kharga, EPTA, Ambala

  • 1st Position-Tata Steel IGU North Zone Chandigarh Sub-Junior & Feeder Tour-2013

4th-5th April 2013

Shivalik, Chandimadnir.

  • 1st Position- 2ndS Kids World Championship Qualifier

3rd April 2013,

Shivalik, Chandimandir.

  • 1st Position-Chandigarh State Championship 2013

12th-13th February, 2013

Chandigarh Golf Club, Chandigarh

  • 1st Position- 50th Albatross Junior Golf Tournament

8th February, 2013

Karma Lakelands, Gurgaon

  • 1st Position- 50th Albatross Junior Golf Tournament

8th February, 2013

Karma Lakelands, Gurgaon


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