Meaning: By not spending money, you are saving money (little by little).

Once upon a time there lived two friends Sohan and Mohan in a small town. Both of them were childhood friends and ready to do anything for each other. Though both were very close to each other, still there was a stark difference between both their natures.

Sohan was very popular among other college students because of his extrovert nature and carefree attitude, whereas Mohan on the other hand was introvert and hardly spoke to other students in the college. However, Mohan was a wise person who always reasoned his decisions or moves in life.

Sohan was always busy hosting parties and spending a lot of money on things that his friends would wish for. He was very conscious about his image among his friend circles. To maintain his social status he would often spend on things not even worth a penny.

All the pocket money he received from his parents, he would spend it without saving anything. Whereas Mohan on other hand was careful about the money he spent.

As days passed everything was going well in the lives of both friends. Both managed to live their lives in comfort and pleasure. However, Mohan often tried to make Sohan understand the value of money and control his unnecessary expenditures but Sohan always ignored his valuable advice.

One day college students were going on a trip to a nearby hill station. Both friends decided to join the other students. On the way to the destination they came across various beautiful places and all of them spend a lot time and money to make this trip memorable.

As they reached back to the hostel, Sohan received a message that his father was admitted in the hospital. He immediately packed his bag and went to his hometown. There he found his father in a critical condition. The doctor told him to deposit one lakh in the hospital. He went to bank to get the money but to his disappointment there was hardly any balance in his account. He called his numerous college friends on whom he had spent money like water but no one came to his rescue.

As he reached the hospital he was surprised to see Mohan present there. He had already deposited the money for the treatment. Sohan broke down in tears and thanked him and said that he was sorry for not paying attention to his advice of saving and now during the time of crisis he has realized that A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED. Both got equal amount of funds from home and still Mohan managed to raise the required sum of money via his savings rather than looking at someone else for help. Had he listened to the advice of his friend and not spent extravagantly even he could have saved a huge sum of money. After facing the harsh reality Sohan decided to mend his ways for the future.

©Ritanjali Hastir

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