Meaning: A visual presentation is far more descriptive than words.

Once upon a time there lived a young boy Raju, in a small village. He had never stepped out of his village and the outside world was totally unknown to him. He often played with his friends during the day and at night would sleep after listening to stories from his grandfather.

His grandfather, Madhav was an old man who was respected not only in his village but even in the surrounding villages. He was the only literate person in the village. In his youth, Madhav had been to the city and served a rich businessman.

He had tasted various flavours in his life and often during leisure time shared them with the young children of the village. Madhav told Raju about the ways of city life and various advanced technologies that he had seen there.

One day Madhav was telling the children about the television. In the village no one had ever heard about such a thing. Everyone to their amusement listened very carefully to Madhav’s stories. All were surprised that how people fit into a small box and talk. It was very difficult for all to believe it.

Raju often wondered how it was possible that huge fully grown up men and women could fit into that small box and how that does the box actually look like. At times he used to thing to himself that maybe Madhav was making a fool out of all the people in the village and enjoys at their expenses. Other time, he thought that maybe Madhav is growing old and it is all just a figment of his imagination.

Time passes and it was decided that now Raju was fit to serve Madhav’s previous employer. Raju took a train to reach the city and during his journey his mind kept recalling what Madhav used to say. He recalled about the other example like that of moving stairs (escalators) and many more. He thought to himself and smiled how can stairs move themselves. The old man has seriously lost it, he thought to himself.

The train reached its station and Raju stepped down. As he reached on platform he heard a sound and as he looked up he saw man speaking from a box. It was a television which he never believed existed and now he understood how things work. As he walked a little further he saw an escalators going up and down.

All this took him up surprise but at same time the concept of all the things Madhav ever talked about became clear, it was like A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS that came out of Madhav’s mouth. Raju was able to find more exact details of the things he learned from Madhav and this visual presentation made him more wiser and smarter than what he came as.

© Ritanjali Hastir  

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