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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 6th May, 2017, Shimla

AuckyDurrant6517 (19)Celebration is big for every child. From younger days, when one wins mementos for their performances, they always believed in sharing their success. It has to be there. It lifts the energy levels of the kids. Students of Durrant House, Auckland House Girls School presented a remarkable performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The day began with a welcome dance on Shiva Stotram.

AuckyDurrant6517 (15)Then they perormed on Deep Deep where students expressed their gratitude towards the Lord for his lovely creation and for being a part of it, as each day we all learn and explore the miracles of Lord and enjoy them. English play – Not My Cup of Tea by Albert Groff was performed. It was a comedy in which every member of the cast gets murdered! A domineering old maid persuades her silly spinster sister to plot and murder their mother and what a time they have doing it!  Mother doesn’t eat the poisoned cookies, there are no shells in the shotgun, pushing her out of the window of the first floor isn’t practical and it is so embarrassing to be caught in the act of trying to hit your mother over the head with a rolling pin. It’s even worse when it turns out that mother doesn’t have any money and doesn’t even own the house.  The only thing to do is to sit down and have a quiet cup of tea which mother has thoughtfully prepared. Alas! Kindly old Mom has worried about what might happen to her dear girls when she is gone and has poisoned their tea. While they sip their fatal cups, Mother helps herself (finally) to the lethal cookies.

AuckyDurrant6517 (10)After the play a foot tapping dance performance on song Cham Cham pepped up all and then came the LPD Dance.

Another Hindi play- Bakri – A sociopolitical drama where Durjan Singh (a dacoit) turned into a politician, uses the Bakri for his deeds. The play ”Bakri” is not only a caricature but a message too. Political sins have come after Independence and this is a complete portrayal of that. The play demonstrates the beginnings of fraudulent politics for power and money by the leaders who are wearing the mask of Gandhi ideology, chosen by illiterate and poor people of the country after freedom from British slavery.

The author wishes that present political position will improve and people of our country come forward and try to develop themselves through knowledge, education, awareness and principles of Gandhi so that they know the correct meaning of freedom.

After the satire came the rocking Band performance which made the auditorium come to life.

Any event is incomplete without Phari Nati and power packed Bhangra so Durrant House placed their best foot forward and brought colours live on the stage.

The day ended with a great Finale Dance by Class XII students which filled all with renewed energy as each student vibrated with enthusiasm and positivity.

Present on the occasion were School Principal Sunita John, Principal Michael A John of AHS Boys and Special Guest Neelam Bali. Everyone enjoyed the show and appreciated the efforts put in by all.

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