Keekli’s Angel is thrilled to announce its Co-Authorship and Mentorship Programme for 2024, extending an invitation to aspiring writers from all corners of India. The program, curated for both online and offline participation, promises a transformative year-long journey for young budding authors.

Details: The initiative is not limited to virtual engagement; participants residing in different cities will have the opportunity to visit Shimla and immerse themselves in the enchanting locales. This unique aspect adds an experiential touch to the program, fostering creativity and inspiration.

Mentorship by Minakshi Chaudhry: A highlight of the program is the chance to learn from the renowned Minakshi Chaudhry, author of over 25 books. As a charismatic personality brimming with enthusiasm, Chaudhry is committed to engaging and empowering young writers on this literary voyage.

How to Join: All the pertinent details can be found in the official flyer. Alternatively, interested individuals can reach out to the team at Keekli for more information.

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