Poet & Lyricist Irshad Kamil during a workshop and discussion about various styles of writing. What to write, why to write, how to begin and how to review your own work. Keekli Charitable Trust released two books on 13 November, 2023 — Fiction Treasure Trove, a collection of 31 short stories written by young kids under the age of 18 & Himachal Ke Rang, a collection of 25 short stories written by Himachal’s writers above the age of 40. (Click to see a Photographic Recap)

We are really pleased that by the grace of god our event and release of two books was very well received by our young and senior writers as well as the August audience present to share this memorable achievement. Fiction Treasure Trove & Himachal Ke Rang was released by Poet & Lyricist Irshad Kamil in presence of all our amazing new found friends who support us and our vision.

A brief write-up to conclude and share our vision!

There are times, when you really fall short of words. This is such an overwhelming experience and to be able to accomplish what has been promised since months, with the culmination of our event today. We would like to thank each and everyone for making this a successful journey, our young and seniors writers, who made it possible by sending us their work and all our Jury Members along with Sh Irshad Kamil, Dr Usha Bande, Ms Minakshi Chaudhry and Mr Raaja Bhasin for writing the Forewords. Sh Irshad Kamil for unconditionally supporting Keekli second time in a row.

We would like to thank our family members and all the anonymous supporters who strongly believe in making a difference. We would also like to thank our ardent supporters — Department of Information and Public Relations, Himachal Pradesh; SJVN Foundation; Department of Language & Culture, Himachal Pradesh; Nanak Chand Roshni Sood Charitable Trust; and Media Partner HimachalTonite—for understanding the ideas and concept of our event. Though the list is very long, but few names deserve special mention, Sonia Dogra, Manish Purohit, Mrs Pramila Nanda, Sh Jagjit Rai Nanda, Rajesh Sharma, Kuldeep Verma, and Aahr Singh who always give us unconditional support.

We would like to share two major things we accomplished after the release of our first book last year – 51 Scintillating Tales. We are in talks with a Jaipur based-publication house, who will use selected stories from the book for further reproduction with due credit to our young writers and Keekli.

We are also pleased to share that we helped connect one of our young writers, Ms Sirisha Chauhan, to receive a paid internship offer for a script writing assignment from a Bollywood web series producer Ms Rajshree Ojha.

Ending on a high note, we wish to share our Vision for next year:

• As you all know we have started a Keekli Podcast Channel – Little Feet, Big Strides. Again, our channel will be children-centric and most of the recordings, interviews and talks will be done by children. The published stories have already found space on our Channel, we plan to soon start with Interviews of seniors writers by our young readers.

• We are proud to announce that in partnership with Language & Culture Department, Himachal Pradesh, we are organizing a THREE-DAY Literature Festival for Children on 17, 18 and 19 March, 2023. Children and Youth under the age of 25 will get a chance to share their poems and short stories. Young authors will get a chance to have their books reviewed and our senior writers will be part of the moderation team and as jurors. We look forward to your support in making this event a big celebration for children. Give them the stage, they truly deserve.

• 2023 is a big year for us, as Keekli completes its TEN years. To mark the occasion, we are introducing a THREE-YEAR Scholarship Programme for Children under the ages of 12 and 15 years. After a screening process, two children per age group will be selected and receive a Scholarship of Rs 25,000/- each. This Fund will be utilised to produce a book for these winners after they finish their tenure with specific assignments and session with our learned writers. During this period, they will engage and be part of interactive sessions with our panel of esteemed writers learning about various styles of poetry, short stories, novels, and much more.

• Our Second Big announcement is that as part of Keekli’s Ten Years of Celebration we will organize a Two-Day Interschool Drama Competition, children will receive books written by Himachal’s Writers, which they have to adapt into a One Act Play.

• And lastly, following my own passion, I will soon be renovating my Restaurant, located in Samrat Building Near Tourism Lift, Mall, to open a Book Café – Brews & Books by 1st March. Following the same stride as Keekli, it will be a haven for writers and readers and an open forum for youth. It will house an Open Library, where children may borrow books, donate or exchange. Our writers can have book reading sessions, book signings, open mic, Podcast Channel Interviews and much more. It would be up to you, how best you wish to use the premises. I look forward to welcoming you all from March.

Thank you all for making this a memorable event and we hope you will love the stories penned by our writers. Book books are available on Amazon & AuthorsUpFront and may be bought through us. These will be placed in Kitab Ghar as well!

Warm Regards,
Team Keekli!

These have been listed for online purchase.

Fiction Treasure Trove: 31 Short Stories by Children

Himachal Ke Rang: Katha Pachisi (Hindi Edition)

Fiction Treasure Trove — paperback

Kindle — https://www.amazon.in/Fiction-Treasure-Trove-Stories-Children-ebook/dp/B0BLWCKHHB/

Himachal ke Rang — paperback

Kindle — https://www.amazon.in/Himachal-Ke-Rang-Katha-Pachisi-ebook/dp/B0BLVD5LMS/


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