Musical Ambience Created by Cottonians – Inter House Western Music Competition 2015


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Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 29th August, 2015, Shimla

bcs.29.8.15As it is rightly said “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul”, the Cottonians filled their hearts with some soulful and rhythmic tunes and gave few incredible performances during the Inter House Western Music Competition 2015 held at the Irwin Hall here today. School Headmaster Christopher Robinson was present on the occasion along with Junior School Headmistress Dorothy Robinson and the entire school faculty who were part of this melodious evening.

bcs.29.8.15cThe musical event began with the performance by the young musicians of Lefroy House who showcased their versatility by performing a Spanish solo number, El Condor Pasa (I Could Fly) to instrumental group cover of the evergreen track Lambada. Next came the youthful performers of Rivaz House who took the audience down the memory lane by performing some old school favourites like Words by Boyzone, Seasons In The Sun and well known instrumental piece, The Final Countdown.

The boys of Curzon House rendered a touch of uniqueness to the cover of the 1977 song by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, Islands In The Stream and wrapped up their act with an instrumental cover of If Only I Had Time by John Rowles. The young lads of Ibbetson House gave ideal finale to the beautiful evening by singing the beautiful Grammy winning song The River Of Dreams by Billy Joel and presenting a extraordinary drums solo named Space Monkey Mabcs.29.8.15bgic.

Names of a few talented participants who represented their Houses in different categories including solo, duet, instrumental and mixed group are Prem Bhatia, Benjamin, Afifudin, Jyoti Sil, Daishjeet Singh, Jishan Padda, Sumer Singh, Lalruatsanga V, B. Chugh, Karan Sud, Aryaman Bansal, S. Garg, A. Bhalaik, Sarthi Kalia, Rani Parashar, Kanav Sood, Uday Agarwal, Uday Sidhu, Prerak Arora, Uday Agarwal, Aryan Aggarwal, Animesh Saand, Ranbir Singh, Kapesh Maurya and Bhavya Soni.

The final positions of the houses were as follows 1st Lefroy, 2nd Rivaz, 3rd Ibbetson and 4th Curzon. The event officially concluded with Headmaster Robinson appreciating and admiring the efforts of the music faculty and the students in making the event a success.



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