PRSI Shimla And APG University Celebrate National PR Day
PRSI Shimla And APG University Celebrate National PR Day

The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) Shimla Chapter and APG Shimla University (PRSI Shimla And APG )organized the National PR Day in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The event was presided over by the Pro Chancellor of APG University, Dr. Ramesh Chauhan, and attended by various dignitaries from the field of journalism and academia.

India’s Global Leadership in G-20

Moreover, Dr. Chauhan, in his address, emphasized India’s global leadership as the President of the G-20 from December 2022 to November 2023. Additionally, he stated that India’s contribution to the world economy is significant, and all developed nations, which constitute about 85% of the GDP, are members of G-20.

Knowledge Sharing for Upholding Indian Values (PRSI Shimla And APG University)

However, Dr. Ashwani Sharma, a veteran journalist, highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing in maintaining Indian values and culture for the global community. During the event, he also spoke about the potential economic benefits of organizing the PR Day event alongside the G-20 conference in Dharamshala.

PRSI Shimla And APG University Celebrate National PR Day
PRSI Shimla And APG University Celebrate National PR Day

Advocating for the Development of Human Values

Furthermore, Dr. B.S. Panwar, Director of M.S. Panwar Institute of Communication and Management, emphasized the role of showcasing human values for the overall development of human beings worldwide. He urged the audience to work towards the theme of ‘One Earth, One Family and One Future,’ which is the real agenda of the G-20.

Building Trust for Strong Communication Foundation

Additionally, Dr. Pramod Sharma, Professor at the Department of Management, Himachal Pradesh University, discussed the importance of building trust for a strong foundation of communication. Overall, he stressed the significance of connecting with the subject matter to address the root cause of an issue. He also highlighted the role of Human Resource Development in building a strong India.

Attendance and Acknowledgment (PRSI Shimla And APG University Celebrate National PR Day)

During the event, several renowned personalities attended the event, including 92-year-old media professional Shri Shiv Singh Chauhan. Vice-Chancellor of APG University Professor Rajinder Singh Chauhan, Chairman of PRSI Shimla Chapter Pradeep Kunwar. General Secretary of PRSI Shimla Chapter Dr. Ranvir Verma, media persons, and students and faculty of APG University.

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