Dr. Anjali Dewan, St. Bede’s College, Shimla

Raindrops falling on the window panes
creating melodies for the ears
I see images looking at me
some far, some near
some laughing
others looking sad
I rub the glass
everything vanishes.

I see only
transparency and floating clouds
I ask myself
am I not like the rain drops!
No identity, no will of their own
sky is their master
earth the receptacle
they ask no questions
make the soil living
the seeds sprout and the lush green
leaves spring out.

Slowly and steadily
the plant grows into a tree
laden with fruit
for others to eat.

Everything is happening
on its own
though we think
each one of us is a doer
we are unaware of
the perfection of nature.

The sun, the moon, the stars, the streams
the animals, birds and plants
all are mirrors
reflecting the great beauty of the unknown.

Life goes on moment by moment
memories linger in the heart
I see the rainbow
across the hills.

The sun peeps from the clouds
the tiny rays of light
make the raindrops shine
Like sparkling diamonds.

I start dancing
oblivious of everything
but aware of my own self.

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