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Dr. Anjali Dewan, St. Bede’s College, Shimla

We are all running
Some towards their destiny
others to accomplish their goals
but we have paid a price
we have become strangers
to our own self.

Standing tall amongst people
they feel elated
false happiness and unending successes
twine around them
like poisonous snakes.

Each person is covered
with a shroud of untold lies
their souls have lost their shine.

They do not know
where are they going
they only know
that they have to run
past the others.

They are lost in the
world of immense
greed, selfish motives
they have become robots
no emotions, no concern for others.

Though moving ahead
Their destination is invisible.

Pebbles in the sand of the seashore
some will be buried
others will be thrown
in the water.

People come and go
Life is an endless journey.


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