Ritanjali Hastir, Freelance Writer, October, 2013, Shimla

Shubhank-Sharma.dec-13aBorn to inspire while expressing shades of life through his music, Shubhank Sharma, a rising star from Rohru, Shimla District has finally made a mark as his new video Yeh kya jageh hai dosto released on 2nd August, 2013, the MTV Roots music show. Considering silence as a unique form of music in itself, Shubhank is of the opinion that in the pristine and magnificent Himalayas, he has discovered music as well as his soul. This upcoming talented young star from Himachal says that this beauty has touched him and now it flows through him.

Shubhank-Sharma.dec-13bShubhank did his schooling from Solan and completed his graduation from DAV College Chandigarh. He says, “Like my father I am a self taught artists and since childhood I was interested in music and my passion created my path as music already is an important part of our family. My brother and father too share this common interest”. He further adds, “As a young boy I used to run into the wild and scream and shout the way I pleased. Without any professional training, I have been able to tone my vocal cords and hence has been blessed with such a beautiful voice.

Shubhanks’ biggest break came when he played in the band Seraphim during his college for the MTV campus Rock Idol and ever since there was no looking back. Influenced by the 70’s Rock and Roll Music, Shubhank is often seen singing songs from the 60s and 70s.

Shubhank-Sharma.dec-13Being a nature lover, most of his songs are self composed as well as inspired by nature. He shares, that music is in the mountains, forests and everything that I can feel. The open natural ambience serves as a source of inspiration to compose my songs as I personally feel that there can be no better place than Himachal as its immaculate beauty serves my soul to write such beautiful songs. For inspiration I definitely return to my roots and hope to accomplish the purpose of this life which is expressing shades of life through music.

While discussing the themes of his songs, Shubhank says, “Majority of my songs express the spirit of wondering, a soul in quest of something that might complete me. Though I am not a solitary reaper but at times we all feel that something is missing in our lives”. His latest video debut on MTV Roots too was based on the theme of a wondering soul in quest of peace and is seen roaming around all over in search of something.

The video has been shot in various places of Himachal by a Shimla-based Snow Leopard Production House and while sharing his shooting experience Shubhank adds, “It was one of a kind experience, sort of a time travel, as we drove past through the rains, snow and clear blue skies, all in a span of 10 days. Although it was supposed to be a four day shoot but we ended up on the road for 10 days as we were stuck at Tabo because of the heavy snowfall and at the same time the Uttrakhand disasters happened. I had an astonishing time, riding on a bullet through the cold desert, and one of the fierce rivulets almost swept me away with its violent current”.

Future plans include a music album with about 10 tracks which will be based on different quests and personally I feel Himachal has lot of raw talent, while folk music too is very famous, which if given proper exposure can create a huge market for not only me but for many young budding artists who are struggling out there.


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