Strength, Stamina, Sportsmanship — YES Organizes 3rd Inter School Athletic Meet


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Keekli Reporter, 2nd May, 2015, Shimla 

yes1A not for profit organisation YES — Youth Enlightening the Society — took yet another initiative with the objective of enhancing strength, stamina and sportsmanship (S3) of students which adds up to their all-round development. Raman Nagpal, President of the NGO said that, “The aim of this athletic meet is to give boost to the physical development and confidence of children. Efforts are made to make S3 an event of every year”. Tackling important issues such as problems faced by youth and encouraging them to adopt creative means rather than falling into the evil ways, YES has been instrumental in bringing a change in the lives of youth. YES in association with St Edwards School has organized the 3rd Inter School Athletic Meet from 2nd May to 4th May at St Edwards School, Shimla. Director of Food and Civil Supplies, IAS Priyantu Mandal presided over the function as the chief guest. In his opening address he said, “It is very important for children to build a good character, only then will they be successful in building a great career. Sports like academics are an important part of a child’s life and it should be revered at all times”. He encouraged all the students present and accompanied by St Edwards School Principal, Father Anil Sequira, Mandal lighted the torch after the March Past by the various School Teams and thus declared the Athletic Meet open.

yes2This year a total of eight schools are participating in various track and field events namely — the host school St Edwards, St. Thomas, Sacred Heart Convent, Rashtriya Vidya Kendra, Monal Public Senior Secondary School, JCB School, Chapslee School and City Public School. Approximate participants from each school stood at around 40 plus students during this three day event. It will comprise of several track events such as the 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m races, 4×100 m and 4 x 400 m relay races for both boys and girls in various age groups. The field such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, discuss throw and shot put throw too would be for both boys and girls in different categories over the next two days.

The first event lined up for the morning was the girls and boys 1500 meters races for under 16 and 19, followed by 100 mts heats. Amidst loud cheers from all school teams, the participants showed great strength and spirits to complete the race, despite crossing the line almost breathless. On the other hand, boys began with the long jump events and gave in their best.

Look forward to the final results during the closing ceremony on 4th May, 2015 !!!

Day 1 Results

1500 mts (Girls Under 16): 1st — Arushi, Chapslee School; 2nd — Mahima, Chapslee School; 3rd Divya, RKV School.

1500 mts (Girls Under 19): 1st — Shikha, Chapslee; 2nd — Tanya, Chapslee School; 3rd — Aditi, Sacred Heart.

1500 mts (Boys Under 16): 1st — Chirag, Chapslee; 2nd — Viraj, St Edwards;  3rd — Supragya, St Edwards.

1500 mts (Boys Under 19): 1st — Shaurya, Chapslee; 2nd — Randhir, St Edwards; 3rd — Akshay, St Edwards.

100 mts (Girls Under 12): 1st — Sanjana, Chapslee; 2nd — Srijal, Monal; 3rd — Nitika — Chapslee.

100 mts (Girls Under 14): 1st — Shivanshi, St Thomas School; 2nd — Gunjan, Chapslee; 3rd Kritika, JCB School.

100 mts (Girls Under 16): 1st — Muskan, Sacred Heart; 2nd — Tanya, Chapslee; 3rd — Priya, RVK School.

100 mts (Girls Under 19): 1st — Anjali, Chapslee; 2nd — Muskan, Chapslee; 3rd — Kritika, Sacred Heart.

100 mts (Boys Under 12): 1st — Rahul, St Edwards; 2nd — Vijay, Monal; 3rd — Arth, St Edwards.

100 mts (Boys Under 14): 1st — Dhanjay, St Edwards; 2nd — Aditya, St Edwards; 3rd — Sidhant, JCB School.

100 mts (Boys Under 16): 1st — Uday, St Edwards; 2nd — Avinash, St Edwards; 3rd — Ayush, Chapslee.

100 mts (Boys Under 19): 1st — Mohit, St Edwards; 2nd — Suraj, Chapslee; 3rd — Aryan, St Thomas School.

Long Jump (Boys Under 12): 1st — Atul, RKV, School; 2nd — Vijay, Monal School; 3rd — Hitesh, RVK School.

Long Jump (Boys Under 14): 1st — Suman, St Edwards; 2nd — Prakaram, St Edwards; 3rd — Dushyant, RVK School.

Long Jump (Boys Under 16): 1st — Ashray, St Edwards; 2nd — Amarsh, St Edwards; 3rd — Chirag, Sacred Heart.

Long Jump (Boys Under 19): 1st — Suraj, Chapslee; 2nd — Kanish, St Edwards; 3rd — Yuvraj, St Edwards.
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