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Dr. Jushya Pankaj Sachdeva
It’s always said in the old scriptures that the unconscious mind is the window to the soul! 
An opening where the heaven and hell combine with all the energies. All the positive and negative, present and past, with the capacity to hold the future. These energies aren’t in a particular direction and thus we end up wasting a lot more than conserving. So to direct these wavelength towards a particular path is a difficult task. To do so we need to be consciously aware of energies and power. 
These energies tend to line up our feeling; the aura we feel and the vibe we get. The more the positive vibe, more a merry mood; more the negative vibe, and there the sadness beholds. 
The fluctuations of these vibes and energies comprise the mood swings we get. Apart from being hormonal influences on the mood, our internal well being, the soul marks a major role is how we feel, leading to what we imbibe. Ultimately deciding the direction of rowing the boat. But what we forget is that only deciding the direction won’t get us to the destination. The flow of the river also plays a role in taking us there. Thus, I state the conscious Mind, here is WE who decide the direction and paddle through and the unconscious mind, the soul is the river that flows on its own pace with its own energies and towards its own destination. 
I here believe that loving someone unconsciously is easy. Easy to give away some energies in a direction where you don’t expect any returns. Easy to lend the love unconditionally. Love that is irrelevant, impractical, unreasonable. As if you turn into a fanatic. Loving, without sometimes even realising that you have given away a part of those energies to someone. For all you feel is positive. That positivity comes from within as all the thoughts and equations are just inside you, unconsciously seated in the soul. Radiating the love as bright lights of happiness.
But, loving consciously is tough. For consciously agreeing to the feeling lead us in a demanding state where we start expecting the positive energies back. We want in return what we have given. It’s like we don’t want to let go of our energies. We forget that these energies are limitless and giving some away won’t deplete us of love and power.  It’s inconvenient and troublesome to bring your mind to believe in it. And thus the quarrel starts. The positive energies end up fighting with the negative thoughts generated by our mind to counteract the situation as a self defence. And it is fine. Completely normal for the conscious mind to protect. For the conscious mind is still unaware of the unconscious capabilities. 
And thus the hardship is to manage the energies and try and bind to the positive ones. Trying to uplift the mood. And making sure the positive ones have a upper hand on the life.
Once we learn to bring our two states, the unconscious and conscious states together, the life becomes different. It becomes beautiful. What’s required for it to happen is quite little. Just directing and believing. 
Directing the energies in one direction. Taking up all the the wave lengths of different directions and showing it a path, directing it towards your love. 
Love is a beautiful feeling if you can love consciously. For unconsciously we are conscious about the love, and believing it consciously will bring us to realise the power we hold within.

(The author is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery, final year, at Subharti Dental College, Meerut, fulfilling her dream to be a doctor. Born Shimla City, where she did her schooling from Loreto Convent Tara Hall, she imbibed all the ideals and the creative outlook towards life. With the life of what she chose for herself and the life her words choose for her, she presently pens quotes and poems for her social media handles by the name ‘imaginative pen’. Looking forward to what this life has to give and with the gratitude towards what it has given. She writes abstract thoughts for every eye to read and ear to hear and every heart to give a thought!)


  1. Love your beautiful thoughts and purity of thoughts connects me spiritually, that we should love without the desire of being loved back . So like that Almighty who loves us in all situations,irrespective of whatever sins we commit.


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