Last date of Submission for entries is 8 March, 2023.

Language & Culture Department, HP in Collaboration with Keekli Charitable Trust is proud to organise “मीमांसा—Children’s Literature Festival 2023”. The Three Days Literature Festival will cater to Children’s Literature as well as focus on various Inter-School Literary Competitions such as Declamation; Vocabulary Skills and Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Bookmark making. Students under the age groups of 25 years from school, college and university can participate in the various activities.

The team behind organizing this event is spearheaded by Dr Pankaj Lalit, Director, Language & Culture Department; Vandana Bhagra, President Keekli Charitable Trust and an erudite panel comprising of Dr Usha Bande, Professor & Principal Meenakshi Faith Paul, Dr Jaiwanti Dimri and Ms Namita Lal, who have meticulously planned each and every event.

The idea is to give an open forum to children, to hear them speak, engage in interactive sessions as well as promote reading among them. मीमांसा, is an attempt to give voice to children’s writings, be it in form of books, short story narration  or poetry recitation, all penned by them.

  • The morning session will be from 9.30 am to 11.00 am for Inter-School Competitions.
  • Two Sessions from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm and 1.30 to 4.00 pm, will feature Open Mic Readings which will include poetry, flash fiction, micro stories or short stories, and book reviews and discussion.

The chief guest for the inaugural session on 17 March is Ms Khyrunnisa A, an award-winning writer of children’s fiction who also writes for adults. She created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the magazine Tinkle and authored the hilarious Butterfingers series of books for older children. She is a full-time writer and lives in Thiruvananthapuram.

The chief guest for the closing session on 19 March is Benita Sen is a journalist and award-winning children’s author who is also a trained teacher and editor. She has authored dozens of fact, fiction, activity and text books. She’s also a qualified corporate communicator.

Joining them during this period will be Sri Shriniwas Joshi (Critic/Author); Dr Usha Bande (Educationist/Author); Dr Jaiwanti Dimri (Educationist/Author); Prof & Principal Meenakshi Faith Paul (Educationist/Author); Namita Lal (Principal retd); Minakshi Chaudhry (Mentor/Author); Dr Purnima Chauhan (IAS retd, HP); Sutapa Basu (Educationist/Author); Gupteshwar Nath Upadhyay (Teacher retd/Writer); Vivek Mohan (Advertising Professional/Filmmaker); Roshan Jaiswal (Joint Director Higher Education, retd, HP); Pawan Chauhan (Spokesperson/Writer); Monika Bhatnagar (Assistant Professor); Bharti Kuthiala (Author/ Member Advisory Panel, CBFC); Anshu Kaushal (Assistant Professor, English); Rupeshwari Sharma (Education Officer, retd, HP/Author); Atma Ranjan (Lecturer/Writer); Sumit Vashisht (Tourism Professional/Writer); Kamayani Vashisht (Associate Professor); Deepti Saraswat (Professor); Dr Deepti Panji (Professor); Dr Gitanjali Mahendra  (Professor); Dr Aprajita Sharma (Associate Professor retd); Dr Paan Singh  (Chairman Hindi Department, HPU); Priyamvada (Teacher); Reva Gupta (Associate Professor).

Book Panellists

During three days 9 books will be reviewed by young readers who will sit with the author and the moderator to engage in delightful conversation and share their talk about the book being featured. The titles shortlisted by the Core Team are: Author – Minakshi Chaudhry, Book – A Treacherous Beauty Contest, Moderator – Sutapa Basu; Author – Khyrunnisa A., Book –Smash IT, Butterfingers, Moderator – Minakshi Chaudhry; Author- Dr Sandeep Sharma; Book – अपने हिस्से का आसमान; Moderator – Gupteshwar Nath Upadhyay; Author – Sumit Raj, Book – Longwood Days, Moderator – Dr Usha Bande; Author – Bharti Kuthiala, Book -सुनो सूर्य,  Moderator – Meenakshi Faith Paul; Author – Uma Thakur, Book – नवल किरण, Moderator – Sri Shriniwas Joshi; Author – Pawan Chauhan, Book – बिंदली और लड्डू, Moderator – Dr Purnima Chauhan; Author – Ganga Ram Raaji, Book – आयी लव यू पापा, Moderator – Anshu Kaushal; Author – Sutapa Basu, Book – The Cursed Inheritance, Moderator – Dr Gitanjali Mahendra; and a Special Session will be by Ms Benita Sen, author of One Lonely Tiger, in Conversation with young reader Pritha Doegar speaking about her book.

The entire curative responsibility of the event has been with the members of the Keekli Charitable Trust and we hope that school authorities, parents and children will make the most of this opportunity. All participants will receive certificates and gift tokens. Winners of Inter-School Competitions will receive awards during the closing ceremony.  Such events further inspire children to adopt writing as a skill and inculcate a habit of reading.

For further details and participation forms contact Keekli Charitable Trust – [email protected]; 98161 48001 / 98170 95985 / 80910 21796

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