Megha Katoria

I have grown up,
Always wanting to grow up quickly as a child,
Yes, I have grown up…
Now life seems a bit dreary,
Quivers of emotional spasms,
Creating freezing numbness in my thoughts.
Downy flakes spreading wider and wider,
Like magical white feathers,
Conjured up by Khione,
My present came to a halt,
As if frozen by the winter dipping temperature,
The white blanket outside is too thick now,
Not a sound of cars, mortals, birds or animals,
I too snuggled into the quilt,
Nostalgia playing chants,
Drove me to the days of wild childhood pleasure,
When we wandered in the breeze,
My bosom friend and I,
Smelling the scent of luscious apples,
As the Creator painted the sky,
With clouds and birds and sun.
The hills over brimmed with varied hues,
With thrushes singing and lambs bleating,
Our flaps and freaks flourished by the mountainside,
Our hearts galloped as we ran close,
To the church tower of the “ancient” hill,
Where they said that dreams got fulfilled,
Our jewelled “little” secret wishes we whispered to God…,
Relishing the serenity of the emerald shades,
I was lulled to sleep by these thoughts,
With only a hushed interrogating voice which poked:
“Where now is that eternal language of innocent love and peace of it all?”
I have grown up,
Yes, I have grown up…

Bio note: Megha is pursuing her doctorate in English Literature from H.P. University, India. Formerly, she worked as an Assistant Professor/Lecturer of English in different universities and institutes in India. The Search Report and Gen-Next Times are the newspapers she has been associated with as an Assistant Editor. Her contemplation and love affair with language morphosis into her writings which she has contributed in the form of research papers, poems, stories, articles, and book reviews in various journals, magazines, and newspapers like the Sad Girl Review, Penmanship Personified, The Criterion, Galaxy, Dialogue, Ruminations, Research Chronicler, Gen-Next Times, in Dangerous Women Project (IASH) of The University of Edinburgh and more. All activities that involve creativity make her going.

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