Arnaav Bellani, Class XII, New Delhi

Be like the trees,
That give us such a hearty breeze,
And take nothing in return,
Just like the sun,
With all its light,
No one to match all its might.

Look at the sparkling water so cool,
In waterfalls, ponds and pools,
Look at the mountains with all their might,
No one to match all their height.

Look at the golden fields,
Filled with wheat’s yield,
Not a word to describe its beauty,
Filled with the farmer’s booty,

Look at the stunning butterfly.
Its formation from an egg to a fly,
Keep patience in your roots,
It has a really very sweet fruit.

Look at nature and its amazing stature,
Look at the snow,
Filled with icey glow,
Ah the snow filled trees,
In the white wonder they freeze.

Look at the slopes so high,
Looking at them makes everybody sigh,
The snowy trees filled with fruits,
So reap still the roots are buried in snow so deep.

Look at the snow leopard on the prowl,
Looking for something to satisfy his stomachs growl,
Look at the icy wonder that fills the heart with joy no one can plunder,
Look at nature and its amazing stature.

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