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लौट आओ वक्त पर राह- ए-सफर

सोचता हूं किस पर क्या लिखूं — भीम सिंह

भीम सिंह, गांव देहरा हटवाड़, जिला बिलासपुर, हिमाचल प्रदेश सोचता हूं किस पर क्या लिखूं हर एक यहां परेशान है सारे जहां में घूम कर देखा सुखी दिखा नहीं इन्सान है। कोई दुखी अपने पड़ोस से कोई...

Meet A 12 Year Boy who Loves to Sketch & Draw — Veydant Salwan

Veydant Salwan, RIMT World School, Grade VI, Manimajra Veydant is a 12 year boy who loves to sketch, draw, read novels, play cricket, listen to music, as well as collect pokémon cards.

Science Fiction & Fantasy – Something That Doesn’t Exist Needs to Be Penned Down

https://youtu.be/aQlgIOhzy8g A discussion on Fantasy & Science Fiction in India was chaired by Sudarshan Vashishtha and the discussants were Devendra Mewari, K. Murali Krishna, Minakshi Chaudhry and Sadhana Shankar. Science fiction is...

The Whispering Star — Short Stories On Spirituality & Humanism: Pamarty Venkataramana

When it comes to reading, everyone has personal preferences and something that intrigues all, is the realm of mystic and spiritual genre. Awarded poet and acclaimed jurist, Pamarty Venkataramana, has penned...

Need for Discipline and Imagination; Warns Against Plagiarism – Priyanka Joshi

https://youtu.be/8MdI7bTHzjc Sonia Dogra Keekli Charitable Trust organized the Fourth Webinar as part of its Short Story Writing Mentorship Programme. The speaker for the evening was Priyanka Joshi, a mental health blogger, published poet,...

Storyline Dictates the Characters of Your Story — Dr Purnima Chauhan

https://youtu.be/CGkuLHWeKXU Important elements of story writing are of course its theme, plot, characters, and most of all one needs to focus on vocabulary as well as humour while writing. A storylines is...

The Battle on the Mountains — Ananaya Khanna & Reet Bansal

Ananaya Khanna & Reet Bansal, New Delhi Long, long time ago, there was a man named Aimon. He lived near the mountains. He belonged to one of the Gudungura Tribes. The...