Regalites Vibrantly & Confidently Celebrate Annual Day — 2015


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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 25th September, 2015, Shimla

regal25.9.15insideAs the year is all set to end teachers of Regal Public School celebrated their annual function at Kalibari Hall, Shimla here today. School Principal and Managing Director Manmohan Khanna graced the occasion as chief guest, who disclosed that the main purpose of the function was to highlight the growth of each students since the day they joined the school. When the students joined the school they were like little caterpillars and in school we have tried to groom them so that they can fly like a butterfly.

“There has been tremendous growth in them, as individuals they have become more confident and vibrant. When I see them perform like this I feel that our objective has been fulfilled and I am sure parents too can feel a great, positive difference in their children if they consider their journey from day one when they became part of Regal Public School”.

The day started with the lighting of lamp, which was followed by welcome dance Vandana by the young little ones that transformed the people into a brand new world away from harsh realities of life. With a little gap of prize distribution here and there the flavor of cultural programme continued to mesmerize the spectators.

The highlight of the show was a Phari Naati that forced the spectators to get fully involved with them and hence the entire hall echoed with applause and whistling as a sign of appreciation.

The angelic performance on Choti Si Asha was no less than a trip to fairy land where little angles flew and with their actions took the pain away from all.

Participants of various cultural program included Vandana Dance – Mitchel, Trisha, Malaika, Aadhya  Aggarwal, Aarya Gupta, Navnee, Prachi, Ceerat; Tharki Chokra – Shragvi, Sanna, Bhavya, Arunima, Shannaya, Panshul, Naman, Jahaan, Daksh, Krishav; Phari Naati – Viraj, Kanav, Vidit, Stit Pragya, Sukrit, Agrima, Aarvi, Samriti, Ananya, Anvesha; Choti Si Asha – Yashi, Vrinda, Pranya, Yashisa, Kayra, Aarya, Shreya, Smayra, Rehana, Shanaya, Aradhaya, Tanisha. Dance participants were Devangi, Rishit, Swarit, Aradhya Gupta, Vinayak.

Winners of Sports Day & Painting Competition were Drishya, Kaustav, Vrinda, Pranya Samridhi, Aadhya; while the Fancy Dress Winners were Daksh, Devangi, Samridhi, Aarya Gupta, Rishit, Trinavsanvi, Manya, Asawari, Swarit, Aradhya, Shivam, Ananya, Harsh, Reyansh, Akshara, Viyan, Drishya, Samanyu, Raghav, Kaishi, Jarul, Evan, Tanisha, Vihaan, Shaurya, Ridhi, Vani, Yashisa, Shreyasi, Vinayak, Khayati, Saiabn, Vivan, Alicia, Ayan.

Different competition winners including Art & Craft , Sports Day, Table Manners included Asawari, Aradhaya, Aanya, Tanisha, Kaishi, Vani, Ridhi, Maanya, Shreyasi, Sanvi, Ananya, Shanaya, Raghav, Vyaan, Athrav, Vihaan, Evan, Riyansh, Saiabm, Harsh, Vivan, Sanshray, Aayan, Shivam, Daksh, Shaurya, Nityant, Sanvi, Jarul, Khayati, Barneet, Alicia, Swarit, Trinav, Rishit, Samanyu, Devangi, Akshara, Drishya, Aradhya and  Samriti.

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