Tanishq Prakash, Class – 9; DAV Public School, New Shimla, Shimla

Sing me to sleep
Take me to a world dark and deep
Run to me even when you’re miles away
Accompany me every night and day.

Be here when I’ll cry
And remember me with a sigh
Love me beyond tears and endings
For the first time I want to be tied to strings.

Life is not love I know
So I wanna take it stable and slow
But I do want that someone to rely on
When I’m hurt and when I’m torn.

How can you become such a part of me
I feel yours and my love too I want you too see
You touch more than just my face
My soul you caress… With you I understood that love is not a race.

Sing me to sleep
And wrap your arms around me and let me weep
Let me weep the tears of desire
And look at my inside fire.

Sing me to sleep
So that I have something to keep
So that all my heart has is your love
And it makes me rigid and tough.

I wanna fall in this trap with you
I don’t want something momentarily I want it true
I know it’s funny but I want you every moment
Touch your gold hair and inhale your scent.

And when you stay here
And when in my eyes you look and stare
You know I love it
The grace and love your eyes emit.

The world isn’t fair
And a love so true is too rare
But I want us to stay forever
And be apart? Never.

There has always been a place for you in my heart
When beginnings will end and the endings will start
And the place will exist even when the sun will die
And I’ll always remember what we had. I’ll remember you and I.



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