Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 25th October, 2019, Shimla

“Nirmal Dhara” – a tribute to the rivers of India was presented by the students of St. Thomas School, Shimla, to mark the celebration of their senior section annual day.

Gracing the occasion as the chief guest was Prabha Rajeev, ADM, Law & Order, along with Neeraj Kumar Sharma, OSD Elections, HP as the guest of honour who were warmly greeted by the School Principal Vidhupriya Chakarvarty and the school students. A musical dance drama depicted through various dance forms based on the regions which the rivers touches as it flows gave a whole new dimension to the way one can look at water bodies. Students narrated complete geological location of rivers and their history over the years thereby making not only the message to save water clear but also enlightened the parents present about the history and general knowledge of our country.

Each river – Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Kaveri enacted by students depicted how it has nurtured the civilizations throughout the year and humans have exploited it and polluted it. They lamented over the death of Saraswatri and feared the same end for themselves.

The performance of the students was outstanding and thought provoking as it gave a serious message of water conservation before it is too late. (CLICK TO SEE ALL VIDEOS)

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest for the occasion Prabha Rajeev, ADM Law & Order, Shimla said, “When we come to school we learn no matter how aged we become but the school never fails to teach. Today we learnt the message to save rivers and we all are aware about the water crisis that is right across the corner, which may soon start World War III. We all need to make serious efforts to save water “.

She also stressed for parents to lead by examples and be happy for their children to be happy. Spending quality time is important for parents with their child. When it comes to drug abuse and alcoholism, again for a child parents are the role models and they will not hesitate to try it themselves considering it doesn’t harm their heroes.

She also laid emphasis on the need to teach children to accept failures in life as throughout life the ups and downs in life keep on reoccurring. Failure only means that you need to try hard next time, nothing more.

During the event, the school principal also read the annual report outlining the achievements and academic performances of the students. The day ended on a happy note as the students were awarded for their excellent performances in various streams.


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