Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir

Giving us knowledge of something is a teacher,
Having an inbuilt experience feature.

A good teacher teaches us by heart,
And prays God for our peart.

A teacher helps us in developing our mind,
In such a way that is very kind.

A teacher teaches us tricks to achieve our goal,
And warns us to remain careful to avoid any thole.

Without the help of a teacher, we cant work rife,
And many difficulties will appear in our life.

In this vast world, they are teachers and parents only, on whom we can rely,
They always keep on us their eye.

And we are confident that they never tell a lie,
They gives us blessings so that we can fly high.

That’s why, parents are our caretaker,
And teachers are our future maker.

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