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SC/OBC/ST — Are VIP Categories in Modern Competition over General

Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir, India Race in the modern world is a phase, from which no one can chase. Today's world runs after competition and every single contestant runs with...

Moonlight’s Addiction — Sahaj Sabarwal

Sahaj Sabarwal, Jammu City It's dark night, Still you are bright. It's night, to sleep right? Still our eyelids fight To be closed tight But your beauty forces them to remain polite, To have an uninterrupted sight. You are...


Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu City You are behind every carefully checked step of my life, Along with my mother who is your wife. Without your help I was not able to work rife, And my life...

TEACHER – Our Future Maker

Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir Giving us knowledge of something is a teacher, Having an inbuilt experience feature. A good teacher teaches us by heart, And prays God for our peart. A teacher helps us...