Rahul Garg, COE Government College Sanjauli, Shimla
Dark was a road …. which she deliberately chose,
Life filled with anguish that she never showed.
Her heart shines with a diamond like brilliance,
She possess a vast heart filled with forbearance.
Started living a life dependent on others,
Desperation in love made her walk the path of seeking for lovers.
Lovers ….who could make her feel complete,
Finding love in life was too far that she couldn’t get any sexual feasts.
Why the world has the right to call her a whore?
Does living freely gives society a privilege to stare or judge her more?
Her life defines courage as she is free from all barriers or phobia,
She just has love in sight …her name is Zenobia.
At the age of 19, she finds a man in her life,
Profound were her feelings as she was too naive.
He treated her in accordance with his convenience,
In spite of knowing this fact she didn’t have any grievance.
She cried out loud to be loved by him,
He didn’t pay any heed & again she felt numb.
Parting away from him created a mindset of philophobia,
She just has love in sight & her name is Zenobia.
After sometime she again found someone who made a commitment that he would love,
She was in dilemma if his commitment would make her feel the joy of love.
Unfortunately her dilemma turned into a reality as he only talked of love,
He was not a practitioner but merely a shallow preacher of love,
Her unrequited love created an unrealistic expectations of utopia,
She believed in words rather than actions & her name is Zenobia.
Betrayal, Betrayal & Betrayal she felt from inside,
To never fall in love again she had to decide.
Again she found someone that made her believe in love.
This experience unexpectedly turned out to be gratifying,
Unfortunately… the short span of time made her feel terrifying.
Her loneliness made her caught into the trap of claustrophobia,
Yes she made a decision to get betrayed in love again & her name is Zenobia.
Zenobia says, “I Want a Will not your Convenience”,
Now she doesn’t compromise & has no past grievance.
Her life defines courage as she is free from all betrayal & phobia,
She has finally decided to live with a Solitude & her name is Zenobia.
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