51 Best Stories to be Published

In the words of Stephen King, “The scariest moment is always just before you start,” but it is important to start and write those first few words.

As the year heralds into 2024, Keekli Charitable Trust invites young writers under 25 years of age, open only to school/college students, to participate in this pan-India Short Story Writing Competition. The best 51 stories will be published as an anthology, and the book will be released on 14th November. Be a part of the creative writing workshops/webinars from our jury members to enhance your writing skills.

We are thankful to our sponsor partners Blue Bells School, Dhalli and HimachalTonite.

How does it work?

* Submission period – 1st February to 31st March, 2024.

* Youth under 25 years; only School/College Students may participate.

* Word limit – 1,000 to 3,500 words. Both English and Hindi submissions allowed.

* Neatly typed Stories will be accepted; email these on [email protected]

* Theme – Open or Based on Folklore/Monuments/Historic Elements of your State/City.

* Be part of Creative Writing Workshops and Webinars with our Jury Members.

* With the submission, clearly state your class, school/college, city, and phone number.

* Results – 15 May; followed by workshops; editorial process and design.

* Book Release – 14 November, 2024

Email: [email protected]; 9817095985 / 9816148001 / 9418950038

Keekli Charitable Trust Launches Pan-India Short Story Writing Competition for Young Writers

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