On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navmi, Team Keekli has unveiled its plans for the next big event – the Children’s Theatre Festival: Inter-School Hindi Drama Competition. Scheduled to take place on 27th, 28th, and 29th September 2024 at the Gothic Hall, Gaiety Complex, Shimla, this event promises to be a celebration of creativity and talent.

Following the resounding success of their inaugural Children’s Theatre Festival in October 2023, held at the historic Gaiety Theatre, Team Keekli is back with Season Two. This time, the focus is on providing a platform for young performers to showcase their acting skills and creativity.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Submission of Stories to be Adapted into One Act Plays. Team Keekli is calling upon Himachal’s writers to share original stories that can be transformed into captivating theatrical performances. The selected stories will undergo adaptation and will be performed by participating school teams during the competition.

To facilitate the adaptation process, skill-building sessions will be conducted for both teachers and students. Rehearsals will be overseen by experienced directors, who will provide guidance and assistance to all participating teams. The Core Team, comprising Srinivas Joshi, Ms. Amala Rai, and Jawahar Kaul, will be actively involved in coordinating and organizing the event.

Mystical Himalayan Narratives – Season One

The submission deadline for story entries is 10th May 2024. Writers can email their submissions to [email protected] or reach out to the organizers for further inquiries. This event not only promotes artistic expression but also fosters collaboration between writers and young performers, enriching the cultural landscape of Himachal Pradesh.

Children’s Theatre Festival In Shimla: Enchanting Theatre Festival Season Two

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