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Fiction Treasure Trove
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Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar Releases the Book — “51 Scintillating Tales” – Media Gallery


Today there is a need to read good books

Governor encourages children to adopt reading habit




Its finally time to meet our young writers… their dreams, aspirations and wishes will all come true with the launch of this book… they poured their heart and soul while writing these stories… we hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did.

Sarah Dangwal – Was It Tinnitus?
Sharanya Penumalla – A Key To Cure
Shivangi Sharma – Loss and Hope
Shivansh Thakur – Four In Secret Cave
Shuban Dey – Agni’s Great Rescue
Sikha Lakshmi Ksheeraja – A Scar
Sirisha Chauhan – The Masked Man
Sneha Chakraborty – The Gift of Empathy
Vasundhara Joshi – True Hallucinations
Yukti Sharma – वो महिला


Prachi Kaushal – फरेब
Rajvir Singh Pathania – Joy of Being A Ghost
Rayna – Stranded
Renée Pereira – The Story of Self-Belief
Ritisha Thakur – To Be Brave
Riya Malhotra – The Budding Archaeologist
Sampoorna Mitra – Mummy on Strike
Sanghavi Kapoor – कल करे सो आज कर
Sanskriti Rao – Hummed Melodies


Kavya Malik – Mirror Alluzo – Key to the Past & the Future
Kavya Sood – दयालु राजकुमारी
Kiaan Amrik Thakur – Young Ninja
Lavanya Muni – Sasha
Maanya Bali – The Crow Who Wanted To Be A Peacock
Midori Das – Lulu
Navya Sood – प्यारी जलपरी
Onjoli G. Shinde – The Silver Trinket


Bhawani Thakur – Chelsea’s Adventure
Divyanshi – Do I Have the Diamonds?
Eira Lobo – Mia and Patch
Ekam Kaur – My Dream Come True
Harshita Rana – My Isolated Days
Ishan Balakrishnan – Boy With Scar of Death
Ishani Ghosh –  A Letter to the Future
Jiya Rampal Saini – मेरे बेजुबान साथी


Ananya Thakur – My First Day at School
Antra Gupta – नसीहत
Anushka Dhall – Walk in the Wild
Anvesha Malik – Mission Saving Techscope
Arhat Gulia – Adventures of a Boy During Lockdown
Astitva Hastir – Forsaken
Atharv Vats – My Life on Mars
Bhavya Choudhary – The Magical Mirror


Aadhya Singhvi – The Space Adventure
Aadya Ghosh – Aparajita’s Achaar
Aarica Chauhan – The Door Behind the Dresser
Aarya Sharma – How Will It Be?
Aarzu Kumra – Believe In Your Dreams
Adya Awasthy  – एक अनोखा सफर
Aerin – Our Best Friend – Plants
Amiti Verma – The Adventures of Thalina


A work is always credited to its project head, but one cannot accomplish anything if it wasn’t for the constant support and encouragement of those around us! Meet the highly dedicated Team who worked hard to make this dream come true for our 51 young authors — Keekli’s Trustees; Mentors & Judges & our strong supporters.


A mystery, a dream, a betrayal, a friendship… space, horror, nature, love and many more amazing themes form a part of this Anthology by young 51 Writers from different cities of India – to be precise, 20 schools spanning 14 cities speaks volumes about the efforts put in by team KEEKLI.

 A first look at soon-to-be released Book — 51 Scintillating Tales – Short Stories by Children; Edited by Vandana Bhagra & Sonia Dogra; Published by Keekli Charitable Trust, Shimla. The incredible Cover Art by one of our young twelve-year-old winner from New Delhi – Atharv Vats.

Wait & Watch for more….   

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  1. Good luck 🤞🤞.. creative work by children is really appreciable. God bless and keep on doing such fabulous work..

  2. It’s yet another achievement for team keekli!
    Children have really worked hard and done a great job..keep up the good job! 👍

  3. I am writing since around 3 years and those were 1 page stories. Just two days before a Idea popped up in my mind about writing this story when I was on my bed ready to sleep, I just jumped of it and got a register and pen and started writing it’s idea so that it doesn’t slip out of my mind. And after a few days my mentor told me about this competition. I participated with a hope, but I lose. I cried. And then I tried to refresh myself and made my mind to make this story perfect. But then in a evening I received a call from my mother and she said that there was a call for me regarding my story. And I was totally confused then I received same call on my number telling me that I won because a winner has got disqualified. And I was happy but a little sad too. And the Keekli made my dream come true. But I still feel like my dreams are fulfilled without any struggles. I am thankful but everyone has to face struggle and I also want to.

    But thank you so much team Keekli 😊

  4. Thank you Ma’am and your team for coming up with this idea and taking up so much effort to publish this book. Because of this, young writers like us could publish our stories at this early age. For us it is like our dreams coming true. It has provided us motivation and exposure, and with this I would be able to pursue my passion for writing

  5. It all started in June, and I was so eager to participate in that attractive competition ‘Win and get published’ being organized by Keekli Charitable Trust. My eyes caught the word ‘published’ and I immediately got down to work on my story, Sasha.
    I submitted my story and a month later I got the news……
    SO HAPPY 😊
    We had zoom sessions on writing with renowned and experienced writers followed by one to one sessions with the editors, who helped us polish our stories.
    And now, to my experience with the main event,
    14th November, 2021, Children’s day
    I was so excited! Why? Because I was about to meet
    Mr Irshad Kamil ( Famous bollywood Poet and songwriter) and Mr Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, Hon’ble Governor of Himachal Pradesh and most importantly my mentors and Team Keekli.
    I received copy of the book.
    The first thing I did with my copy was getting it signed by Minakshi Chaudhry ma’am and Mr Irshad Kamil.
    Well, overall, it was an amazing experience and has motivated me to keep playing with the words.
    Thanks Keekli for this opportunity. 🙏

  6. I am looking forward to indulge myself in the world of these children’s imagination! Innocent minds is what I can enjoy reading! Will get my copy soon! A great endeavour Keekli team!


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