Counseling for Parents & Children

“It’s impossible to protect your kids against disappointment in life”!!!

But then you can always educate your child to understand life better! Words such as counseling, therapy, psychology often drive parents away rather than bringing them a step closer towards addressing the problem and solving issues.

Issues that concern a child!

  • Issues that affect our daily lives!
  • Issues that are a very important part of our existence!

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour which is mainly used to help solve practical problems faced by humans based on their experiences.

Today’s fast-paced lives and growing peer pressure has limited the role played by parents in their children’s lives, which many a times lead to emotional as well as physical health challenges. We at KEEKLI An Ode to Innocence offer FREE professional counseling as well as psychotherapy for parents and children. Psychological issues relating to parenting, communicating with children, sharing stories about parenting, individual experiences and challenges will be addressed. Subjects related to self awareness, health, education, careers, communication, social skills, and behavior shall be addressed.

Online counseling may take place anywhere, anytime as it is the most opportune, confidential and efficient way of addressing your concerns and issues.

Contact us at the given e-mail Ids for your FREE online sessions or sms us on 86793 60271. Please mention your full name, age, gender, city, country, and preferred day, date, and time for your online session. You will get a confirmation email or sms within 24 to 48 working hours.