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Champions in the Making or Pawns

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Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, Jun, Shimla* — KEEKLI took an initiative to VOICE the opinions of children to allow them free play on ridge for a few hours and knocked the doors of the Administration to create more parks and playgrounds for children to play in. With the HP State Olympic Torch Flag Off on 17th June, 2017, the mismanagement of the organizers and children’s exploitation was prominently witnessed. On one hand children are not given permission to play on the Ridge, and ironically they are then invited in large numbers to sit as mute spectators to witness the humdrums of the ongoing event. Both the students and teachers felt harassed, waiting for the event to begin and under anonymity angrily VOICED their displeasure, but then can you really go against the ADMINISTRATION? Are they beyond Questioning? Our Cover Story “Between Games Playing & Playing Games” highlights one such episode, where children are used as pawns on the pretext of making them future champions.


12th May, 2017

Keekli Opens Doors to Open Spaces

Event Highlights — Our Guests Speak during the Event

J.R. Nanda

“Shimla was a beautiful town and each house had a proper tennis court attached to it. As time passed our TCP department without considering blindly allowed renovation of old dhajji wall houses and people expanded and built more buildings. British people were wise and knew about the importance of playgrounds and hence they had planned parks and playgrounds for them.”

Suman Rawat

“I wonder from where the contradiction arose? You people say that you don’t have playgrounds but I say we don’t have children willing to play. Even I grew up in the same circumstances and still it was because of my hard work and dedication I managed to make my place in the sports field. No one taught me to practice on road I did it myself and even went to school early so that I could use the playground for my practice.”

“Pointing fingers is very easy but I must say even if we give you all an opportunity to play none of you will turn up for playing in the morning. You all need to focus and work hard rather than blame the government for not providing you all with playgrounds. She further stated that the General Knowledge of Every Participant Was Zero and claimed that the city has sufficient grounds to play”.

Vinay Sharma

“Voice of children is not heard because, you not the VOTE BANK and had it been the case all the politicians would have came forward with their folded hands to support your cause. Suman Madam discouraged you all a lot but I must say that you all have the RIGHT TO PLAY. Government has ample of spaces to build concrete structures but not for children’s playground. I must say they should be allowed to play at Ridge in morning and there is no harm in it when PM’s rally can be allowed why not them?”

“I will fully support the cause and raise the issue to CM and try to convince him even if children are not the vote bank as of now but they will be in the near future and for once their voice too should be heard and supported.”

Keekli Opens Doors to Open Spaces: Missing Parks & Playgrounds In Shimla



We have heard and read a lot about the ongoing debate on the social media that children should have open spaces and grounds to play freely. And we are totally for it. We at KEEKLI are initiating an open discussion wherein children can VOICE their opinions. On 12th May, 2017, KEEKLI in association with HimachalWatcher and Award-winning Documentary Director Vivek Mohan will hold an open declamation contest for school children to VOICE their opinions. We will hear their viewpoints and urge the Administrators to deeply look into this issue and try to come up with a solution. Children need playgrounds and parks to play. It is our duty to give them an opportunity to play as we did in our childhood.

Our lives are mere flashes of light in an infinitely empty universe. In a society so governed by superficiality, appearances, and petty economics, dreams are more real than anything, anything in the “real world”.

It is really sad that in Shimla, a famous tourist destination, children are not given proper space to play, grow and develop. KEEKLI AN ODE TO INNOCENCE in association with HimachalWatcher and SOS – Shivaji park Of Shimla is proud to present an event on May 12, 2017 at the Open Theater Gaiety, The Mall, Shimla; that will give a stage to children to raise their voice for their right to play.

The strong one doesn’t win, the one that wins is strong and champions keep playing until they get it right. Time has come for us all to take a stand and give our coming generations open space to play and breathe.


Open Space. Open Forum. Open to All.


? – Shivaji park Of Shimla” — Inter School Declamation & Slogan Writing Contest

Date: 12th May, 2017 (Friday);

Time: 9.00 am;

Venue: Gaiety, Open Amphitheatre, Ridge


Rules & Regulations:

  • Reporting time: 9.00; Event begins at 9.30am.
  • THREE participants from each school to be accompanied by ONE teacher.
  • Students from Classes 9 OR 11 only.
  • ONE speaker for Hindi & ONE for English declamation; ONE for slogan writing.
  • 30 mins – 3 mins will be allotted for each Hindi & English speaker.
  • Third participant will write slogans both in English and Hindi. Maximum number of 10 or less than 10 words for Slogan writing. Both slogans should be different and not translation of either one.
  • Slogan to be written on 2 ft x 2 ft Charts (like Placards on hardboard) & brought from School / Home to be displayed at the Amphitheatre. Marks will be for “Message, Communication, Creativity & Innovation.
  • Topics: English: Parks / Playgrounds in Shimla for Children – Indifferent Attitude of the  Administration

                    Hindi: प्रशासन का उदासीन रवैया – बच्चे पार्क और खेल के मैदानों से वंचित