SJVN, a leading hydroelectric power company, achieved a significant milestone with the inauguration of India’s first Multi-purpose (Combined Heat & Power) Green Hydrogen Pilot Project at the 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station (NJHPS) in Jhakri, Himachal Pradesh today.

Geeta Kapur, Chairman & Managing Director of SJVN, inaugurated the state-of-the-art Green Hydrogen Pilot Project, which includes a 20Nm3/hr Electrolyzer & 25kW Fuel Cell Capacity. This project is the nation’s first Multi-purpose (Combined Heat & Power) Green Hydrogen Generation Plant, capable of catering to the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Coating Facility of NJHPS and generating electricity through its 25kW capacity Fuel Cell.

The project will produce hydrogen gas by splitting hydrogen and oxygen from water using an alkaline electrolyzer of 20Nm3/hr capacity, utilizing renewable energy supplied from the 1.31 MW Solar Power Plant of SJVN located in Wadhal, Himachal Pradesh.

The Pilot Project is set to produce 14Kgs. of Green Hydrogen daily during 8 hours of operation, which will be stored in 6 storage Tanks with a total capacity of 12 m3 at 30 bar pressure. The green hydrogen will be utilized for HVOF Coating of turbine underwater parts in addition to generating electricity through its 25kW capacity Fuel Cell.

“Aligned with the National Green Hydrogen Mission of Government of India, SJVN’s Green Hydrogen Pilot Project is poised to accelerate the development of green hydrogen production infrastructure in the power sector, establishing green hydrogen as a clean energy source,” said Kapoor.

During her visit, Geeta Kapur also inaugurated the first-of-its-kind Centralized Operation of the 1500 MW NJHPS and 412 MW Rampur Hydro Power Station (Rampur HPS) by remotely operating Unit-2 of RHPS from NJHPS Control Room at Jhakri, Himachal Pradesh. Rampur HPS is being successfully operated on Tandem Operating System with NJHPS.

Kapur commended the dedicated efforts of NJHPS, Rampur HPS, and Electrical Design Team at Corporate Headquarters for this historical achievement and urged the employees to continue working diligently towards fully operating the entire Power Station from NJHPS at the earliest.

Manoj Kumar, Head of Project (NJHPS), Vikas Marwah Head of Project (Rampur HPS), Harish Kumar Sharma, Head of Department (Electrical Design), along with senior officials of NJHPS, Rampur HPS, and Corporate Headquarters were also present during these significant events.

SJVN – India’s First Multi-Purpose Green Hydrogen Pilot Project

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