An Identity : Dr. Kamal K. Pyasa
Dr. Kamal K. Pyasa

Who am I……
Where am I,,…..
How amI……
I am unaware of all things…..
Yet Iam in front of you.
My identity …..,A living being sent by Almighty,
Peeping through the skeletal cage……
I wondered door to door
But shoved away like a ball,here to there,
Where no one recognise each other…..
The blood is dripping off my hands,
My feet can’t walk any more…..
And even bright light appears unending darkness and darkness to me….
And hunger has deflated the stomach,
Where spewing saliva through the mouth.
I am not able to recognise myself
Despite my soul cursing me,
Yet Iam alive
Why and for whom …..
Iam unaware of it.
My body is peeping
Out of my old rags,
As a new nacked born baby.
I feel as He is calling me back,
But I have not attained the final stage of my life…..
That is why I shiver in winter
And swetter in summer.

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