“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand,”  — Neil Gaiman

KEEKLI comes out with innovative ideas to fuel children’s imagination and creativity.  This time we bring you a Story Writing Competition and winners get a chance to be Published Authors.  We will print Best Top 51 Short Stories to bring out a book, which will be BY THE CHILDREN & FOR THE CHILDREN.

In association with critically acclaimed, renowned writers Sh. Sudarshan Vashishtha and Ms Minakshi Chaudhary; Dr Purnima Chauhan, IAS, (Retd) HP Cadre, along with New Delhi based publishers, AuthorsUpFront (AUF), Himachal’s young, talented writers studying in Schools/Colleges/Universities can participate.

Participation Rules, Categories and Details of the event are shared in the Flyer. We look forward to reading few amazing stories penned by you all children & youth.

Format for Participation

Time to pen your own stories! Submission Period – 1st April to 15th May, 2021


  1. Expression of participation by sharing your Story Idea/Theme.
  2. A brief summary of the story in not more than fifty words.
  3. The summary must express — Where is the story set; the time-period and basic plot (requisites of any brief/story – 5Ws & 1H).
  4. You have one month to submit your Ideas/Summary – 1st April to 15th May, 2021
  5. Strictly follow Word Limit based on your age group.
  6. Stories may be in Hindi or English
  7. FINAL STORY WRITING COMPETITION WILL BE HELD THROUGH A ONE HOUR ZOOM SESSION CONDUCTED IN GROUPS. You will receive specific dates of any given Sunday to submit your stories online.
  8. Competition Period begins from 22nd May (Saturday).
  9. Attach your Age Proof (Current School/College/ University ID) & recent passport size photograph; along with your address and phone number.
  10. A DISCLAIMER must be submitted stating that the story is an original piece of creation.
  11. Copyright of the Story will be that of the Writer.
  12. Winners will get a chance to be mentored by our Editors, to further improve upon the stories. The Editing Team will have the final word.

Age Group – 5 to 8 yrs; (Word Limit – 400-800)
Age Group – 9 to 12 yrs; (Word Limit – 800-1000)
Age Group – 13 to 16 yrs; (Word Limit – 1000-1200)
Age Group – 17 to 25 yrs; (Word Limit – 1500-2500)

Sponsorship Letter – Hold our hands to make this event a huge success. Give the children an opportunity by encouraging their creativity!


  1. Keekli truly lives up to its name in forging meaningful bonds for a joyful revolution in the lives of those who need it the most… god bless


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