Meaning: To get a sour deal. Like, when you buy something that proves to be totally useless. For example, to purchase a vehicle that constantly gives problems or stops running after you drive it away.

Once upon a time there lived a young boy, Manoj. He was a day dreamer and always wanted to stay ahead in the race of buying gadgets. He belonged to a very rich family and hence it was not a big deal to spend much on things that were expensive.

One day, he went to meet his friend and at his place he saw a grand piano there. Manoj had no taste and sense of music but however he saw his friend playing it very nicely during a party and soon he got carried away by the attention that his friend was grabbing.

He went home and started requesting his parents for the same. First his parents tried to make him understand and later they agreed for it.

Exited Manoj started learning piano. The entire house echoed with the sound of piano day and night for few days but as the time passed, his interest started to fade away.

Days would pass and he would not touch the piano even once. Due to financial loss in the business Manoj’s father had to rent out part of his house and soon they ran out of space.

The grand piano seemed to occupy huge space in their house and there was hardly any space left for them to move. Soon they realized that out of their love for their son they had BOUGHT A LEMON – there was hardly any use of it in the house other than that even the maintenance of it seemed to cost them a fortune. They tried to find a buyer but still they just couldn’t get rid of it.

In the end even Manoj realized that his extravagant lifestyle had made their life miserable and he had forced his parents to BUY A LEMON in form of a piano which he never wanted to play or use for real purpose but just for momentary fame.

© Ritanjali Hastir

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