While the city jubilantly echoes with the success of Shimla’s inaugural Winter Carnival, a hidden reality persists in the shadows amid the glittering aftermath. In the midst of celebratory fervour and accolade claims, the true heroes of the Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) remain concealed, toiling tirelessly to ensure the triumph of the carnival, yet their efforts go unnoticed and unacknowledged.

The unsung architects of the carnival’s success emerge as the dedicated sweepers of the Shimla MC. Working ceaselessly from the early morning hours until midnight, armed not with glittering accolades but with brooms and unwavering determination, these unsung warriors form the backbone of the event. Their commitment ensures the city’s pristine condition for the grand festivities, even as their contributions are overshadowed by the self-serving motives of others in the carnival.

Many of these workers, speaking on the condition of anonymity, reveal that despite their tireless efforts, they are not even offered a basic cup of tea. While the city luxuriates in the glory of the carnival, these unsung heroes face an uphill battle against increasing workloads and demands, their vital role often eclipsed by the limelight-seeking behaviours of others.

In the midst of festive chaos, the police personnel stand as silent guardians, ensuring citizens’ safety and maintaining order amid the celebrations. These valiant men and women in uniform work diligently, often putting their own well-being at risk to control enthusiastic crowds and make the carnival a secure and enjoyable experience for all.

Contrary to the presented facade, it is the municipal sweepers and dedicated police personnel who truly deserve accolades and recognition. Their sacrifices and hard work compose the unsung melodies in the symphony of success that is the winter carnival. In a world where self-interest and self-glorification often take precedence, let us not forget these silent warriors who, with brooms in hand and a sense of duty in their hearts, ensure that the city sparkles not just during the carnival but every day. While everyone receives their monthly remuneration for official duties performed, it is the acknowledgment and respect that can uplift the spirits. It is high time that these unsung heroes receive the credit they rightfully deserve, for they are the genuine architects of Shimla’s winter carnival success.

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