In a significant move towards administrative reforms, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu launched the Nation’s first-ever Report Management Portal (RMP) and Meeting Management Portal (MMP), developed by the Department of Digital Technology and Governance (DDTG) here today.

These portals aim to revolutionize communication, decision-making and data management within the government. The Chief Minister said that the RMP is designed to streamline the process of sending and monitoring various reports across departments, boards and corporations. He said that it provides real-time data access for informed decision-making, one-click SMS and email capabilities and automatically sends reminders and notifications to concerned officers.

The RMP’s flexibility allows offices to upload their reporting formats, ensuring accessibility at different governance levels. The MMP collects clean, authentic data in a standardized format, which aims to enhance transparency, accountability and efficiency in government functioning. He said that the MMP serves as a comprehensive solution for issuing meeting notices and proceedings, fostering communication from the Secretariat to the field offices.

It meticulously tracks meeting timelines, maintains updates on scheduled and concluded meetings and records decisions for easy accessibility. The portal further facilitates efficient tracking and follow-up on decision implementation. The Chief Minister said that the RMP and MMP successfully tackle crucial communication, decision-making and data management challenges within the government, representing a significant step towards modernized governance.

He affirmed the Government’s dedication to integrating modern technologies into its functioning for improved outcomes for the people. Principal Advisor (IT and Innovations) Gokul Butail, Secretary (DDTG) Dr Abhishek Jain, Director (DDTG) Mukesh Repaswal and Director Information and Public Relations Rajeev Kumar were also present at the occasion.

CM Sukhu Pioneers Technological Integration For Improved Public Outcomes

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