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Dr. Anjali Dewan, Shimla Dr. Anjali Dewan, Shimla

I am like a drop of water in the sea,
With no name, no identity,
A part of the whole.
Though you can see me, look for me,
But unable to separate me from the source.
Relationships are also the same,
They are like waves,
Which are never still.
They embrace you loosely,
But the feeling of closeness lingers forever.
Life is not a bed of roses,
It has its ups and downs.
Let us not to make it difficult,
By trying to find answers for every little thought.
Appreciate what you have with you,
Not what you are always aspiring to get.
If you do what you love,
You will surely love what you do.
Let us hold our hands together,
Share our grief and joys.
A time will come,
When nothing will matter,
You will be like a pearl on a leaf,
Shining, glowing and radiating happiness.


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