Farmers Protest
Farmers Protest

Farmers Protest – The Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) is deeply concerned that journalists are among those injured by police action during the farmers’ protests. Two journalists, Satender Chauhan and Niel Bhalinder Singh, suffered injuries while covering the protests at the Shambhu border yesterday. Satender Chauhan, correspondent for Aajtak, was ‘live’ on the channel when he was hit by a ‘chharra’ in the eye area.

The channel showed a colleague helping him to leave the spot. He was taken to hospital. Niel Bhalinder Singh of the Savera group of newspapers was taken to hospital bleeding heavily as a tear gas shell fired by a drone fell on his head. Unconfirmed reports have also come in regarding injuries to other journalists.

The Patiala Media Club and the Chandigarh Press Club have demanded safety for journalists covering such events. The DUJ is also concerned at the Internet shutdown imposed in seven districts of Haryana and three districts of Rajasthan which has made it extremely difficult for journalists to cover the protests.

They also note that social media accounts of some journalists including Mandeep Punia of Gaon Savera have been taken down. In a statement the DUJ condemned the violence on protesting farmers that has led to injuries and hospitalizations. They urged the central government to ensure that the farmers’ demands are settled amicably.

Journalists Under Attack At Farmers Protest – Media Freedom At Risk

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