Keekli organizes Blood Donation Camp on 10th April, 2021, The Ridge, Shimla

A call for social duty, even during these trying times, an effort should be made to save lives by donating blood. We are taking an initiative to organize this blood camp and hope that you will support this noble cause. Following all covid protocols, utmost care will be taken to maintain social distance and sanitization of the area. Be the soul to save a life. DONATE BLOOD!

MC Shimla Commissioner Ashish Kholi will grace the occasion to inaugurate the camp on 10th April, 2021, on the Riddge, Shimla.

Scarcity of blood is a humanitarian crisis. The myths surrounding the blood donation are worse just because of how misinformed people are about blood donation. It is a simple way of saving lives. As medically too it is proven that donating blood doesn’t cause any kind of weaknesses or medical problems. Any healthy human being can donate blood and save humanity.

Take that first step and be the hero by saving lives!



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