Let Us Celebrate Failure !


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Sonia Dogra

Does the title of this piece perplex you? Read on to clear the air!

Life is a roller coaster…. not for winners but for the strong willed who know how to hit back and how to hit hard!!! Friends, it’s time to celebrate failure… your greatest teacher.

With the recent “Topper Scam” it’s time to look at failure and success from a new perspective. The board results have just dropped in and competitive results are pouring in every day.  It is indeed great that our young scholars are rewarded well by the examination system and we are proud of each achievement. But as it has been rightly said, marks, my dear friends are not a measure of your intelligence. For intelligence, on a lighter note, is an uncountable noun…. hence, it cannot be measured.

My write up today is for those of my friends who sometimes miss the train by a few seconds and hence plan to return home, dejected and forlorn. Well, for those of you on the other side of marks, wait a while. The station may seem empty at the moment with most passengers having boarded the train but there is another one on its way. It’s just that you will have to wait for the right time to board your train!

If you are a little confused about what I mean, well, it’s pretty simple. Sometimes our efforts just don’t pay well. That doesn’t mean the others are a notch better. It just means that we have to wait a little longer, toil a little harder and maybe walk a little while before we reach our destination. Some numbers on a sheet of paper cannot decide life for any of us. The world is full of opportunities. The idea is not to give up and sit back. After all, we all may board the same bus but we do not desire to get off at the same station. Hence, our journeys are going to be pretty different. And only when we realise this can we appreciate our life and its goals better.

Recent news of an IIT aspirant who bid goodbye to life due to his poor grades has been very de-motivating.  There is no fun in being so intrigued by marks. The stigma related to failure must go.



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