Manmuanhoih Tonsing, Class VI, Young Learners’ School, Lamka, Manipur

My dream fairyland would have lots and lots of pink. It would have lollipops for trees and people would live in gingerbread houses. There would be unicorns that are of different colours and cotton candy for clouds. There would be only happiness and joy everywhere. Every girl would have pink, purple or rainbow hair colour and boys would have blue, red, green or rainbow hair colour. Everyone’s house would be very colourful. Everyone would be able to fly, turn invisible and have magical powers. Everyone would have to have atleast one pet. There would be unlimited chips, gummies, ice-cream, candy, chocolate, and noodles. There will be no pain and no sadness and anger. There will be no sickness and no death. Overall, it would be a fun happy place for everyone of all ages.

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