In the wake of the successful environmental cleanup initiative at Naldehra Heights on World Environment Day in 2022, the Ex-Bedeian Association (EBA), spearheaded by Dr Purnima Chauhan (IAS rtd.), has embarked on a new mission to heal the Earth with the launch of the “OUCH RECYCLE THE MILK POUCH” campaign. The millions of milk pouches generated daily in India pose an environmental threat and an opportunity to reuse this valuable high-grade plastic. This groundbreaking project builds on the momentum gained from last year’s efforts and aims to address a pressing environmental concern – the responsible disposal and recycling of milk pouches.

Background: Naldehra Heights Cleanup

On June 5, 2022, EBA, in collaboration with urban NGOs and Bedeians, undertook a massive cleanup operation at Naldehra Heights. The team successfully removed 150kg of garbage, contributing significantly to the preservation of this pristine location. The initiative not only focused on physical cleanup but also fostered social connections between urban and rural communities through a unique event – an environmental antakshari (musical game) that engaged participants in a fun and educational manner.

Connecting Urban NGOs with Rural Mahila Mandal: Baggi Jubbad

A key aspect of EBA’s mission is to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities. Following the Naldehra Heights cleanup, EBA continued to strengthen these connections by engaging with the Mahila Mandal of Baggi Jubbad, a village where EBA is actively involved in promoting sustainable practices. The collaborative efforts resulted in a harmonious blend of knowledge exchange, cultural sharing, and a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.


EBA’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond cleanups and community engagement. Recognizing the ubiquitous presence of milk pouches in daily life and the environmental impact of their improper disposal, EBA launched the “OUCH RECYCLE THE MILK POUCH” campaign. This initiative seeks to create awareness about the environmental hazards posed by single-use milk pouches and encourages responsible recycling practices.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Education and Awareness: EBA aims to inform communities about the environmental consequences of improper disposal of milk pouches and the benefits of recycling.
  2. Community Involvement: The campaign encourages active participation from urban NGOs, Bedeians, and rural communities to collectively address the challenge.
  3. Innovation in Recycling: EBA is exploring innovative ways to recycle milk pouches, fostering a culture of sustainability and circular economy principles.
  4. Spread the Message: Leveraging the success of the antakshari event, EBA plans to use creative and engaging methods to spread the message of responsible milk pouch disposal and recycling.

Looking Forward: A Sustainable Future

As the “OUCH RECYCLE THE MILK POUCH” campaign gains momentum, EBA envisions a future where communities unite to tackle environmental challenges. The Naldehra Heights cleanup laid the foundation, and this new initiative marks a significant step towards building a sustainable and ecologically responsible world.

By connecting urban and rural communities, fostering awareness, and promoting innovative solutions, EBA is not only healing the Earth but also inspiring a collective sense of responsibility towards our environment. The “OUCH RECYCLE THE MILK POUCH” campaign exemplifies EBA’s commitment to making a positive impact on the planet, one pouch at a time.

“EBA Core Committee: Nurturing Sustainability at St. Bede’s College, Shimla”

In the picturesque mountains of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, St. Bede’s College stands as a testament to history, education, and a commitment to sustainability. Under the dynamic leadership of President Dr. Purnima Chauhan, IAS (Retd), the EBA Core Committee, comprising committed individuals like Devyani Goyal, Sheetal Vyas, Anjali Verma, Guneet Kaur, Dr. Deepti Pajni, and Dr. Gitanjali Mahendra, is spearheading initiatives to make a positive impact on the environment and the community. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to create positive change.

History of St. Bede’s College: A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1904 as a teacher’s training college with 12 students, St. Bede’s College has a rich history rooted in academic excellence. Evolving from its origins as an institution for orphaned children of British soldiers, the college is now a thriving academic hub with 1,200 students and a faculty strength of 65.

Named after St. Bede, a scholar and historian born in 673 A.D., the college draws inspiration from his dedication to learning and scholarship. St. Bede’s College takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence and its inclusive admission policies.

Legacy of St. Bede: A Beacon of Scholarship

St. Bede, known as the ‘Father of English History,’ left an indelible mark on history through his scholarly works. His commitment to education and interpretation of holy scripture serves as a guiding light for St. Bede’s College. The alumni, known as Bedian alumnae, continue to uphold his legacy, contributing to the college’s rich tapestry of history and academic achievement.

As the EBA Core Committee continues to drive sustainability initiatives, St. Bede’s College stands as a beacon of academic excellence, environmental consciousness, and community engagement—a legacy that ensures a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.



Ladies requesting you to volunteer in this small effort that has giant environmental impact and improves your carbon footprint… OUCH ! CLEAN the MILK POUCH

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