Suneal Patel Neelawar, Hyderabad

A tale of a rural Indian boy’s journey into becoming a fashion icon at the tender age of 21. However, as fame and success consume him, his psychological state takes a toll. When his overnight fame plummets after his label launch at Paris Fashion Week, he grapples with heartbreak, betrayal, and addiction. Can he reclaim his lost love, and how do his actions reshape the fate of the Indian fashion industry?

What unfolds when a man recognizes the significance of the woman in his life? This narration isn’t just about “fame and success” it’s about exploring deep human emotions in an adventurous love story.
34 24 34” portrays the international standard measurements of a ramp walk model. From the protagonist’s perspective, these measurements aren’t meant to objectify women; rather, they are integral to his devoted designing job, which sustains him financially.
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